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Installation - Pioneer CD-SR11 Owner's Manual

Steering remote controller for car navigation
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Installing the Unit on a Left-Hand-
Drive Car
Installing the lithium battery. (Fig. 3)
1. Hook the belt on to the holder
Open the back lid of this unit and place a lithium bat-
(Fig. 6).
tery "CR2032" in this unit with its positive (+) side
2. Fix the holder to the inside edge of
the steering wheel so that the
Note :
holder is facing the driver (Fig. 7).
• When using for the first time, pull out the film
protruding from the tray.
qwWrap the belt around the outside edge
of the steering wheel, passing the end
Replacing the lithium battery. (Fig. 4)
through the slot in the holder.
ePull on the belt to tighten it then secure it
• Replace the battery with a CR2032 lithium bat-
using the other two hooks on the holder.
• Replace the battery in the unit using a non metal-
Cut off the extra portion of the
lic tapered bar.
belt (Fig. 8).


tIf some of the belt still protrudes, fold it
back into the slot so that it does not inter-
fere with driving.
4. Fasten the other belt in the same
• Avoid installing this unit in such a location where
way (Fig. 8).
the operation of safety devices such as airbags is
prevented by this unit. Otherwise, there is a dan-
5. Install the remote control unit in
ger of a fatal accident.
the holder (Fig. 9).
• Fix this unit securely to the steering wheel with
the belt attached to the unit. If this unit is loose, it
When removing the remote control unit
disturbs driving stability, which may result in a
from the holder, move the corrugated
traffic accident.
release section (*1) toward the steering
• Do not attach this unit to the outer circumference
wheel as far as possible before sliding the
of the steering wheel. Otherwise, it disturbs dri-
remote control unit toward you.
ving stability, causing a traffic accident. Always
attach this unit to the inner circumference of the
steering wheel as shown (Fig. 5).
Note :
• Do not install this unit in a place that may
obstruct the driver's view.
• Since interior layout differs depending on the
type of vehicle, the ideal installation location
for the unit also differs. When installing the
unit, select a location that assures optimum
transmission of signals from the unit to
Pioneer AV Head Unit.
Power source . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 V DC
(Lithium Battery: CR2032)
Dimensions . . . . . . 38 (W) × 67 (H) × 18 (D) mm
Weight . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 g
(including holder and battery)
Wavelength . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 940 nm ± 50 nm
Output . . . . . . . . . typ;14 mw/sr per Infrared LED
(2 LEDs used)
Note :
Specifications and the design are subject to pos-
sible modification without notice due to



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