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Internal consultation call/connecting
a call
You are in conversation with an external participant.
Press the
key and call one or all handsets. The
external participant hears the hold music.
u Before the internal participant has answered,
press the end call key
participant who answers the call.
u After the internal participant has answered, you
can talk to him. Press the end call key
diverted, or press the display key ; you are recon-
nected to the external participant.

Listening in to an external call

You are conducting an external call. An internal par-
ticipant can listen in on this call and take part in the
conversation (conference).
Precondition: The
Listening in
Activating/deactivating listening in
MENU ¤ Settings ¤ OK ¤ Base ¤ OK
¤ Listening in ¤ OK (
Internal listening in (conference)
You want to listen in to an existing external call.
Briefly press and hold the
the call. All participants hear a signal tone.
To end: press the end call key
a signal tone.
If the first internal participant presses the end call key
, the handset that has "listened in" remains con-
nected to the external participant.

Setting the alarm clock

Activating/deactivating the alarm clock
MENU ¤ Alarm Clock ¤ OK ¤ Activation ¤ OK (
When activated:
¤ Set the wake-up time ¤ OK
When the alarm clock rings, press any key to switch it
off for 24 hours. If the alarm clock is set, the wake-up
will appear on the screen and the wake-up
time will be displayed instead of the date.
Setting the wake-up time
MENU ¤ Alarm Clock ¤ OK ¤ Wake-up time ¤ OK
Enter the wake-up time in hours and minutes, then
; the call is diverted to the
; the call is
function must be acti-
= on)
key. You can listen in to
. All participants hear

Phone settings

For details on how to make audio settings, see Menu
tree ¢ page 22.
For details on how to set the system PIN on the base
station, see the Menu tree ¢ page 23.

Changing the display language

MENU ¤ Settings ¤ OK ¤ Handset ¤ OK ¤ Language
¤ OK ¤
select the language
The current language is indicated by
If you accidentally choose a language you do not
MENU ¤ 4 2 1 (press the keys one after the other)
Select the correct language with

Resetting the handset

You can reset individual settings and changes that
you have made. Entries in the directory, the calls list
and the handset's registration to the base station will
be retained.
MENU ¤ Settings ¤ OK ¤ Handset ¤ OK
¤ Reset Handset ¤ OK
Cancel the reset with
Restoring the base station to the

factory settings

When restoring factory settings:
u All handsets are de-registered
u Individual settings are reset
u All lists are deleted
u The system PIN is reset to the original code 0000
Only the date and time are retained.
Software reset
MENU ¤ Settings ¤ OK ¤ Base ¤ OK
¤ Base Reset ¤ OK
= on)
Hardware reset
Disconnect the power cord from the base station.
Hold down the registration/paging key (¢ page 1) on
the base station while reconnecting the power cable
to the base station. Release the key after approxi-
mately 5 seconds.

Repeater mode

With a repeater you can increase the range of your
base station. You will need to activate repeater mode
(¢ page 23). Repeater mode and Eco mode or Eco
mode+ (¢ page 1) cancel each other out.
¤ OK
and press


Table of Contents

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