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Set the unit up on an even surface away
from direct sunlight, high temperatures,
high humidity, and excessive vibration.
These conditions can damage the
cabinet and other components, thereby
shortening the unit's service life. Do not
place heavy items on the unit.
Do not use high voltage power sources.
This can overload the unit and cause
a fi re. Do not use a DC power source.
Check the source carefully when setting
the unit up on a ship or other place where
DC is used.
AC mains lead protection
Ensure the AC mains lead is connected
correctly and not damaged. Poor
connection and lead damage can cause
fi re or electric shock. Do not pull, bend, or
place heavy items on the lead.
Grasp the plug fi rmly when unplugging
the lead. Pulling the AC mains lead can
cause electric shock. Do not handle the
plug with wet hands. This can cause
electric shock.
Safety precautions
Foreign matter
Do not let metal objects fall inside the
unit. This can cause electric shock or
Do not let liquids get into the unit. This
can cause electric shock or malfunction.
If this occurs, immediately disconnect the
unit from the power supply and contact
your dealer.
Do not spray insecticides onto or into the
unit. They contain fl ammable gases which
can ignite if sprayed into the unit.
Do not attempt to repair this unit by
yourself. If sound is interrupted, indicators
fail to light, smoke appears, or any other
problem that is not covered in these
instructions occurs, disconnect the AC
mains lead and contact your dealer or
an authorized service center. Electric
shock or damage to the unit can occur
if the unit is repaired, disassembled or
reconstructed by unqualifi ed persons.
Extend operating life by disconnecting
the unit from the power source if it is not
to be used for a long time.


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