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Safety Precautions - Panasonic NC-ER22N Operating Instructions Manual

Electric thermo pot
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Main unit
Lid opening lever
Full pot mark
Power cord
Power plug
Body plug

Safety Precautions

Do not immerse the unit in water or splash water over it.
It may cause a short circuit and may result in electric shock.
Never disassemble, repair or modify the unit.
Any attempt to do so may cause the unit to operate abnormally
and may result in fire or injury.
If in need of repair (except for the replacement parts), please
contact an authorized Service Center.
Do not use to store ice.
Condensation will occur, creating a potential source of electric
shock and malfunction.
Use a single outlet that matches the power rating of the unit.
Heat generated when plugging in multiple appliances into one
outlet may result in fire.
Never do anything that might cause damage to the cord,
power plug or body plug,
such as damage them, modify them, place hot objects near to
them, bend them, twist them, stretch them, place heavy objects
on them, or bundle them together.
If the unit is used when damaged, electrical short circuit or fire
may result.
If in need of repair please contact an authorized Service Center.
Make sure the power plug is correctly inserted in to the wall
If the plug is inserted improperly it may cause electric shock or
generate heat resulting in fire.
Do not use a damaged plug or a connection in a loose outlet.
Clean dust from the power plug or the body plug regularly.
A build-up of dust on the plug will attract condensation, which
could cause cable damage resulting in fire.
Remove the plugs and clean them with a dry cloth.
Do not connect or disconnect the power plug or the body plug
with wet hands.
This may result in electric shock.
Do not allow infants access to the body plug.
You must pay special attention to prevent infants from putting the
body plug into their mouths.
This may result in electric shock or injury.
Do not allow small metal parts near the body plug.
This may result in electric shock, electrical short circuit or fire.
Please observe these precautions fully.
During use
Power Cord

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