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Operation; How And Why; Normal Sounds; Capacity And Running Time - Kenmore 580.75051 Owner's Manual

Room air conditioner
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Your room air conditioner provides the following
functions to make hot weather living more
• Cools and circulates room air.
• Lowers humidity by removing excess moisture.
• Filters out summertime dust, dirt, and some
airborne impurities.
The air conditioner performs these functions by
drawing room air through a filter which traps dust
and dirt particles. The air then passes over a
cooling coil which refrigerates the air and removes
excess moisture. The same air is then returned to
the room– cooler, drier, and cleaner. Moisture
removed from the room air is carried to the outside
and evaporated.
Your air conditioner is designed to be easy to
operate and to provide plenty of cooling power.


Aside from the regular fan motor and compressor
sounds coming from your air conditioner, you will
once in a while hear a pinging sound. This is the
result of moisture being picked up from the air in the
room and thrown against the air conditioner's fan.
This is normal and should not be cause for concern.
Also, do not be alarmed if you hear a slight hissing or
gurgling sound coming from your air conditioner after
it is off. These are normal coolant noises.


Proper unit size is important in deciding the desired
comfort for the area you want to cool. The proper
size is determined by the number of square feet in
the area to be cooled.
Whenever the heat or humidity load is above normal
the air conditioner must run longer and more often
to keep the desired temperature you have selected,
Under heavy heat load conditions the air conditioner
may need to run constantly to keep the temperature
you want.
At times using the HIGH FAN setting to circulate the
room air may make it comfortable even though you
do not have the air conditioner set to cool the air.
This will decrease your cost of use.


FIG. 12
- 8 -
The modern high efficiency
compressor may have a high
pitched hum or pulsating
noise that cycles on and off.
You may hear air
movement from the
Unit Vibration
The unit may vibrate
and make noise
because of poor wall
or window
You may hear
droplets of water
hitting the condenser,
causing a pinging or
clicking sound.
FIG. 12



Table of Contents

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