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Door Lock - LG WD-16330FD Owner's Manual

Fully automatic washing machine
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ow to use washer
1. Start
• This Start/Pause button is used to start
wash cycle or pause the wash cycle.
2. Pause
• If temporary stop of wash cycle is
needed, press the Start/Pause button.
• When in Pause, the power is turned off
automatically after 4 minutes.
• NB. The door will not open before 1 to 2
minutes when Pause is selected,
or at the end of the wash cycle.

3. Door Lock

• Lights whenever the door of the washer is
• The door can be unlocked by pressing the
Start/Pause button to stop the washer.
• The door can be opened after a short delay.
4. Detecting
• While the "Detecting" is shown in the display
the machine rotates slowly and detects how
many laundries are loaded in the drum. It will
take a few seconds.
• Available in Cotton, Cotton-Eco.
1. Power
• Press the Power button to turn power on
and off
• To cancel the Time Delay function, the
power button should be pressed.
2. Initial Program
• When the Power button is pressed, the
washer is ready for Cotton program.
And the other initial conditions as
• So, if you want to advance into the
washing cycle without changing the
program, just press the Start/Pause
button and then the washer will proceed.
Initial program
[WD(M)-16330(5)FD / WD(M)-16331(6)FD]
- Cotton Program / Main wash /
Normal Rinse / 1600 rpm / 60˚C
[WD(M)-14330(5)FD / WD(M)-14331(6)FD]
- Cotton Program / Main wash /
Normal Rinse / 1400 rpm / 60˚C
[WD(M)-12330(5)FD / WD(M)-12331(6)FD]
- Cotton Program / Main wash /
Normal Rinse / 1200 rpm / 60˚C

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