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Caution During Vegetable And Light Freezing Storage - LG GR-K192UF User Manual

Kimchi refrigerator
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Caution during vegetable and light freezing storage

Note the following when storing vegetable
■ To store vegetable or fruit for a long time
Because washed vegetables can turn bad easily, do not wash the
vegetable before storing.
Because leaf vegetables (sesame leaves, lettuce etc.) cannot be stored
for a long time, wrap them in a newspaper or a sealed container to
increase their storage period.
■ Do not put in tropical fruits.
Do not store tropical fruits (banana, pineapple etc.) which can go bad at
low temperature.
■ To store vegetable when storing Kimchi, store the
vegetable in the vegetable freshness container.
If you store food for a long time or store Kimchi in "Max" temperature,
the vegetable can freeze.
Note the following when storing food in light freezing
■ About light freezing function
If you store meat or fish in light freezing function, you can store it longer
than an average refrigerator. And because it is lightly frozen, the
defrosting time is reduced for cooking.
• Store only food that you will consume within 10 days in the light freezing
• You can cook it fresh when stored for less than 10 days.
function and freeze the rest of the food.
If you need defrosting for meat or fish depending on the stored
period, leave it for 10 to 30 minutes before cooking.
If you store Kimchi, vegetable or fruit in light freezing,
they can all freeze.



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