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Listening To A Cd; Pause Or Restart A Cd; Search For A Section Within A Track / File; Skip To Another Track / File - LG LAC2900RN Owner's Manual

Car cd/mp3/wma receiver
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Listening to a CD

1. Insert a CD.
2. Adjust the volume.
Listening to a CD - more you can do

Pause or restart a CD

Press B B [] on the player during playback. Press this button again to resume play.

Search for a section within a track / file

1. During playback, press
-?b / B?+
on the player for longer than 1 second and
then release.
-?b / B?+
2. Press
on the player again at the point you want.

Skip to another track / file

-?b / B?+
on the player. To skip to previous track, press briefly
seconds of playing time.

Intro scan

Press or press and hold INT on the player. Each files in the current selected
folder (
INT) or the first 10 seconds of each tracks/files (INT) on the disc are
played. To cancel it, press the button again.
Press or press and hold RPT on the player. The current selected tracks/files (1
RPT) or folder (
RPT) on the disc is played repeatedly. To cancel it, press
the button again.


Press or press and hold SHF on the player. Each files in the current selected
folder (
SHF) or all of the tracks/files (SHF) on the disc is played randomly.
Press SHF again to cancel it.
Rotate PWR
During random playback, if you press

MP3/WMA Track -10 / +10

(If there is no folder or one folder.) During playback press
tracks, or press


(If there are more than two folders.) During playback, press
the previous folder, or press
information about your music
MP3/WMA files often come with tags. The tag gives the Title, Artist or Album.
Press DISP two times to check a file/folder name, and three times to check
ID3/WMA/CD TEXT during file playback. If there is no information, "NO TEXT"
within 3
will be shown in the display window.
: The icon is displayed during MP3/WMA playback.
• MP3/WMA Disc compatibility with this unit is limited as follows:
1. Sampling Frequency / 8 - 48kHz (MP3) 22.05 - 48kHz (WMA)
2. Bit rate / within 8 - 320kbps (include VBR) (MP3) 32 -320kbps (WMA)
3. CD-R/CD-RW file system should be "ISO 9660"
4. If you record MP3/WMA files using software which cannot create a FILE
SYSTEM, for example "Direct-CD" etc., it will not be possible to playback
MP3/WMA files. We recommend that you use "Easy-CD Creator" which cre-
ates an ISO9660 file system.
Customers should also note that permission is required in order to down-
load MP3/WMA files and music from the Internet. Our company has no
right to grant such permission. Permission should always be sought from
the copyright owner.
, you won't go back to the previous
U U / / AS
to go forward 10 tracks.
U U / / AS
to go forward to the next folder.
CAR CD/MP3/WMA Receiver
u u /PS
to go back 10
u u /PS
to go back to

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