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Maintenance; The Water Inlet Filter; The Drain Pump Filter - LG WD-12310FD Owner's Manual

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❋ Before cleaning the washer interior, unplug the electrical power cord to avoid electrical shock to
avoid electrical shock hazards.
❋ When disposing of the appliance, cut off the mains cable, and destroy the plug Disable the door
lock to prevent young children being trapped inside.
n The water inlet filter
- "
" error message will blink on the control panel when water does not enter the
detergent drawer.
- If your water is very hard or contains traces of lime deposit, the water inlet filter may
become clogged.
It is therefore a good idea to clean it from time to time.
n The drain pump filter
❋ The drain filter collects threads and small objects left in the laundry.
Check regularly that the filter is clean to ensure smooth running of your machine.
CAUTION First drain using the drain hose and then open the pump filter to remove
whatever any threads or objects.
Be careful when draining if the water is hot.
Allow the water to cool down before cleaning the drain pump, carrying out emergency
emptying or opening the door in an emergency.
1. Open the lower cover
cap ( ) by using a
coin. Drain plug ( )
to pull out the hose.
1. Turn off the
water tap.
3. Clean the
filter using a
hard bristle
2. Unplug the drain plug ( ),
allowing the water to flow out. At
this time use a vessel to prevent
water flowing on to the floor. When
water does not flow any more, turn
the pump filter ( ) open to the left.
2. Unscrew the
water inlet
4. Tighten up
the inlet
3. Remove out any foreign material
from the pump filter ( ). After
cleaning, turn the pump filter ( )
clockwise and insert the drain
plug (
)to the original place.
close the lower cover cap.


Table of Contents

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