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Time Delay - LG WD-12310FD Owner's Manual

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ow to use washer

Time Delay

1. Time Delay
Preparing washing before starting "Time Delay"
- Turn on the water tap.
- Load laundry and close the door.
- Place the detergent and fabric softener in
the drawer.
• How to set "Time Delay"
- Press Power(
) button.
- Turn the Program dial to select
the program you require.
- Press Time Delay button and set the
desired time.
- Press the Start/Pause(
" lamp is on)
• If Time Delay button is pressed, "3:00" is
displayed. The maximum delayed time is
19:00 hours and the minimum time is 3:00
• Each pressing of the button advances time
delay by one hour.
• To cancel the time delay, press the
) button.
• Time Delay is 'expected time' from the
present to the completion of washing cycle
or selected process (Wash, Rinse, Spin).
• According to the condition of water supply and
temperature, the delayed time and the actual
washing time may vary.
) button.
S p i n o n l y
1. Press the Power button.
2. Set the desired spin speed by pressing the
spin button.
3. Press the Start/Pause button.
1. Spin selection
• Spin speed is available according to the program
as follows.
- Cotton & Cotton-Eco & Quick 30
No Spin-400-800-1000-1400
- Synthetic & Wool/Silk & Hand Wash & Duvet
No Spin-400-800-1000
- Delicate
No Spin-400-800
- Cotton & Cotton-Eco & Quick 30
No Spin-400-800-1000-1200
- Synthetic & Wool/Silk & Hand Wash & Duvet
No Spin-400-800-1000
- Delicate
No Spin-400-800
2. No spin
• If "No Spin" is selected, the washer stops
after draining water.
The required lamp will light up for
• By pressing the
Spin button, the
spin speed can
be chosen.


Table of Contents

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