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KitchenAid KHWS160VWH5 Installation Instructions Manual page 9

Hot water dispenser
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water supplyline from
saddle valve to spout copper tubingwith
the factory-assembled quick-connect
fitting. Push water supply line tubing
straight into fittingas far as it willgo. Pull
on tubing.
The tubing shouldnot come out when
properly installed.Turn the saddle valve
handle countemlockwise _ to open
water line.
NOTE: Do NOT plug powersupply cord intooutlet.
Temperature Control
counterclockwiseto "Off" position.
5 • Push down and turn the
On/Off Cap clockwiseto open spout.
Hold cap open to fill tank (about 1
minute).When tank is full, water will
flow from spout. Release cap.
power supplycord into
grounded outlet.
Turn TemperatureControl clockwise
to highest position.
Water in tank will reach maximum
temperature in approximately
15 minutes.
When water is heating, you may hear
gurglingnoises coming from the tank.
There may also be some spittingor
hot water flow from the faucet. This is
normal for the initial heat-up of the
TurnTemperature Control to lower
temperature setting if you notice
vapor or hear boilingnoise.
NOTE; Temperature Control
controls tank heater, not water
delivery. Rotate Temperature
Control clockwise to raise water
temperature, counterclockwise to
lower water temperature.



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