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Operator's Manual



   Summary of Contents for Minolta EP1031

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    1159-7704-05 EP1031/EP1031F Operator’s Manual...

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    Location of the Manufacturer’s Name Plate C1159O001EA Manufacturer’s Name Plate The Manufacturer’s Name Plate is affixed at the position indicated by the arrow. Please write down the Model Name and Serial No. of your copier here. Model: Serial No.:...

  • Page 3: What Is An Energy Star Copier

    It takes 10 times more energy to produce a piece of paper than it does to make a single copy on a copier. Therefore, using less paper also means decreased national energy consumption. Recycled Paper (USA market only) Your Minolta Copier has been designed to use the following Recycled Paper Minolta Recycled Bond Item No. 8925 701...

  • Page 4

    Thank you for choosing Minolta quality. For over 30 years Minolta has been a leader on the forefront of office equipment technology and service. Our desire has always been to bring you highly reliable products. We pledge to continue to provide you, our customer with our state of the art equipment, as well as full customer service for all our products.

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Contents Chapters 1 through 3 contain the basic information for making copies. Be sure to read these chapters before attempting to use your copier. Chapter 1 Safety Notes ........... p. 1 1. Installing the Copier .............p. 2 Installation Site............p. 2 Power Source............p.

  • Page 6

    Contents Chapter 3 Making Copies ..........p. 11 Chapter 1 1. Making Copies............p. 12 2. Positioning the Original ..........p. 13 Safety Notes Positioning on the Glass.........p. 13 Paper Originals ............p. 13 Transparent Originals ..........p. 13 Using the Semi-automatic Document Handler Chapter 2 (SDH) ..............p.

  • Page 7

    Contents 6. Total Check Function ..........p. 28 Counter Display .............p. 28 Checking Total Copies/IU Count......p. 28 Chapter 5 Error Messages and Indicators ..... p. 29 1. Identifying and Correcting Problems......p. 30 2. PC Display..............p. 31 Replenishing Paper ..........P. 31 Removing a Paper Misfeed........p.

  • Page 8: Chapter 1 Safety Notes

    Chapter 1 Safety Notes This chapter explains about the operating environment, conditions and restrictions. 1. Installing the Copier..............p. 2 Installation Site ............p. 2 Power Source............... p. 2 Space Requirements ............ p. 2 2. Precautions for Use ..............p. 3 Operating Environment ..........p. 3 Using the Copier Properly ..........

  • Page 9: Installing The Copier

    921 (36 1/4) 837 (33) 660 (26) 101 (4) 559 (22) 87° 49 (2) C1159O002DA 291 (11 1/2) EP1031 (with Original Cover) 849 (33 1/2) 304 (12) 545 (21 1/2) 921 (36 1/4) 837 (33) 660 (26) 101 (4) 559 (22) 105°...

  • Page 10: Precautions For Use

    2. Precautions for Use Operating Environment The operating environmental requirements for the copier are as follows. Temperature : 10°C to 30°C (50°F to 86°F) with a fluctuation of 10°C (50°F) per hour. Humidity : 15% to 85% with a fluctuation of 20% per hour. Using the Copier Properly To ensure the optimum performance of the copier, follow the precautions listed below.

  • Page 11

    2. Precautions for Use...

  • Page 12: Chapter 2 Before Making Copies

    Chapter 2 Before Making Copies This chapter gives you a brief description of the system and preliminary information about the different parts of the system. 1. Copier Parts and Their Operation..........p. 6 Outside the Copier.............p. 6 Inside the Copier..............p. 6 Semi-automatic Document Handler (SDH).......p.

  • Page 13: Copier Parts And Their Operation

    1. Copier Parts and Their Operation Outside the Copier C1159O004DA C1159O005DA 1 Copy Tray : Holds the copies fed out of the copier. 2 Main Switch : Use to turn on and off the copier. (See page 9.) 3 Control Panel : Use to make various copy job settings and start a copy cycle.

  • Page 14: Semi-automatic Document Handler (sdh)

    : Load the originals face down on this tray. (See page 14.) 5 Document Feed Tray : Can be pulled out when using large size originals. Extender 6 Misfeed Removal Knob : Turn to remove an original misfeed. NOTE EP1031 has an original cover. EP1031F has an SDH for original handling.

  • Page 15: Control Panel And Its Operation

    2. Control Panel and Its Operation Control Panel C1159O004EA 1 Paper Source Key Selects the paper source. 2 Display Panel Alphanumeric display indicating the number of copies, zoom ratio and other information. (See page 15, 17.) 3 Clear/Stop Key Returns the copy setting to one (1). Returns the zoom ratio to 100% and stops the copying operation. 4 Start Key Starts the copying operation.

  • Page 16: Turning On/off And Initial Mode

    3. Turning ON/OFF and Initial Mode Turning ON and OFF Turning Copier ON Press the Main Switch to the (ON) position. Turning Copier OFF. Press the Main Switch to the (OFF) position. NOTE If the copier has not been used in the past 30 minutes, the Auto Power Off function turns the copier off.

  • Page 17: Convenient Functions

    4. Convenient Functions Clear /Stop Pressing the Clear/Stop Key returns the copy quantity and zoom ratio to their initial settings. Useful Tips The copy quantity setting shown in the display panel returns to "1". The zoom ratio setting shown in the display panel returns to "100%". While using the Semi-automatic Document Handler (SDH mode), the copy quantity setting remains at "1".

  • Page 18: Chapter 3 Making Copies

    Chapter 3 Making Copies This chapter explains how to make copies. By reading this chapter, you will be able to understand the operation of the copier and fully utilize its many functions. 1. Making Copies ................p. 12 2. Positioning the Original .............p. 13 Positioning on the Glass..........

  • Page 19: Making Copies

    1. Making Copies The basic copy made is one that is the same size (100%) as the original. In this procedure, the copy is positioned (Step 1), the number of copies is set (Step 4), the Start Key is pressed (Step 5) and a copy is made that has the same size of paper as the original. (* In the initial mode, auto exposure and 100% zoom have already been selected.) Following the steps shown, various adjustments to exposure and zoom ratio can be made.

  • Page 20: Positioning The Original

    2. Positioning the Original Positioning on the Glass Different methods of positioning the original will be used, depending on its type. Paper Originals Transparent Originals (The original is plain or thick paper.) (The original is a transparency or translucent paper.) Raise the original cover.

  • Page 21: Using The Semi-automatic Document Handler

    2. Positioning the Original Using the Semi-automatic Document Handler (SDH) Load the originals into the SDH . This device automatically feeds multiple originals to the copier one at a time so that continuous copying can be performed. In order to obtain the full potential of this device, use only originals that meet the following guidelines.

  • Page 22: Setting The Number Of Copies

    3. Setting the Number of Copies Use the Copy Quantity Keys to input the number of copies desired. The number in the display panel will increase by one each time the one (1) key is pressed and increase by ten each time the ten (10) key is pressed.

  • Page 23: Setting Image Density

    4. Setting Image Density The Exposure Control Keys 456 can be used to adjust the image density of the copy. Selection can be made between auto exposure mode and manual exposure mode to meet specific needs. C1159O008EA Setting Image Density Auto Exposure Mode Manual Exposure Mode The copier reads the image density of the...

  • Page 24: Setting The Zoom Ratio

    5. Setting the Zoom Ratio The zoom ratio of the copy can be set by pressing the Copy Quantity/Zoom Selection Key on the control panel and using the Zoom Keys. Standard copy zoom ratio and zoom ratio selection methods are available.

  • Page 25: Zoom Ratio Table (original Size To Copy Paper Size)

    5. Setting the Zoom Ratio Zoom Ratio Table (Original Size to Copy Paper Size) Metric Areas Inch Areas Original Size Paper Size Zoom Ratio Original Size Paper Size Zoom Ratio Legal Foolscap 210 297 mm 8-1/2" 14" Letter 8-1/2" 11-3/4" 215.9 355.6 mm Foolscap Letter...

  • Page 26: Multi Bypass Copying

    6. Multi Bypass Copying This function allows copying on special sizes and types of paper and transparencies which cannot be fed from the paper drawer. Multiple sheets of copy paper can be set on the Multi Bypass Tray for continuous copying. Guidelines for Multi Bypass Paper Types Plain paper: Paper weight 60 to 90 g/m...

  • Page 27: Hints For Advanced Copying

    7. Hints for Advanced Copying By using the Multi Bypass function, two-sided and composite (overlay) copies can be made. The procedures are shown below. Two-Sided Copy Composite Copy C1159O125DA C1159O126DA Two-Sided Copying Composite Copying In order to copy the contents of two Composite copying puts information from originals onto the front and back of a two different originals together on one...

  • Page 28: Chapter 4 Special Functions

    Chapter 4 Special Functions This chapter explains how to use other functions of the copier. They are listed below. 1. Toner Replenisher ...............p. 22 Toner Replenisher Function ........p. 22 2. Drum Dehumidifier..............p. 23 Drum Dehumidifier Function........p. 23 3. User’s Choice................p. 24 User’s Choice Item............

  • Page 29: Toner Replenisher

    1. Toner Replenisher Toner Replenisher Function When many copies are made of an original that has a large amount of black area (such as a photograph), the copier can rapidly exhaust the supply of toner available. As a result, the image density of the copies will become lighter.

  • Page 30: Drum Dehumidifier

    2. Drum Dehumidifier Drum Dehumidifier Function High humidity or rapid changes in the temperature of the room (such as when a heater is used in a cold location) can cause condensation on the photosensitive drum of the copier which causes the copies to be blotchy.

  • Page 31: User's Choice

    3. User’s Choice It is possible to change the initial settings that appear when the Clear/Stop Key is pushed or when the Main Switch is turned on. The User’s Choice settings promote easier copier operation by allowing the user to make selections that meet his/her own needs. User’s Choice Item Choice No.

  • Page 32: Making User's Choice Selections

    3. User’s Choice Making User’s Choice Selections Turn the Main Switch off. While pressing Press the Clear/Stop Key once again. the 4 Exposure Control Key, turn the * User’s Choice is canceled and the copier Main Switch on. "U1" will appear in the returns to the initial mode.

  • Page 33: Default Manual Exposure Level Adjustment

    4. Default Manual Exposure Level Adjustment Default Manual Exposure Level Adjustment The center density setting of the Default Manual Exposure Level Adjustment can be set to one of nine settings. With copy density 5 as the middle setting, decreasing the setting value lightens the density and increasing the setting value darkens the density.

  • Page 34: Default Auto Exposure Level Adjustment

    5. Default Auto Exposure Level Adjustment Default Auto Exposure Level Adjustment The density level for the Default Auto Exposure Level Adjustment can be set to one of nine settings. With copy density 5 as the middle setting, decreasing the setting value lightens the density and increasing the setting value darkens the density.

  • Page 35: Total Check Function

    6. Total Check Function The total number of copies made from the time the copier was installed can be checked. The following two totals are provided. Total Count PM Count Shows the total number of copies since the copier Shows the number of copies taken since the last was installed.

  • Page 36: Chapter 5 Error Messages And Indicators

    Chapter 5 Error Messages and Indicators This section explains error messages and indicators and how to correct the problems causing them. 1. Identifying and Correcting Problems .........p. 30 2. PC Display................p. 31 Replenishing Paper ............p. 31 Removing a Paper Misfeed ..........p. 31 Add Toner Indicator ..............p.

  • Page 37: Identifying And Correcting Problems

    1. Identifying and Correcting Problems Error Message Cause Correction Toner Indicator No toner in toner cartridge. Replace with new toner cartridge. (See page 32.) C1159O008DA Imaging Unit Indicator Time to change imaging unit Contact service representative. (IU). C1159O009DA Paper Supply/Paper Misfeed No paper in tray or paper Place paper in the paper drawer.

  • Page 38: Pc Display

    2. PC Display The PC display means that the Paper Drawer has run out of paper or there is a paper misfeed at the paper feed area. The following are the procedures for replenishing paper and clearing a paper misfeed at the paper feed area. C1159O064DA Replenishing Paper Removing a Paper Misfeed...

  • Page 39: Add Toner Indicator

    Add Toner Indicator When the toner in the toner cartridge becomes low, this indicator will flash. Copies will gradually become lighter and when there is no more toner, this indicator will remain on and copying will be stopped. C1159O008DA Replacing the Toner Cartridge Open the Front Door.

  • Page 40

    Add Toner Indicator...

  • Page 41: E Display

    4. E Display This display indicates that there is trouble during the charging process. Copying cannot be performed at this time. Follow the procedure below to reset the copier. C1159O096DA Resetting the Copier Before Calling Your Service Representative Turn the Main Switch off and then on to Before calling the service representative, note the code being displayed.

  • Page 42: J Display

    5. J Display This indicates that a paper misfeed has occurred during copying and that the copier has been stopped. When the Front Door is opened to remove the paper misfeed, the copier is shut down and all information on the Control Panel will go out.

  • Page 43: Removing A Paper Misfeed

    5. J Display Removing a Paper Misfeed J2/J3-Copier NOTE Open the Right Door and remove the Be careful not to touch the areas marked with paper misfeed in the paper take-up section. High Voltage] and [ Caution: Hot]. Open the Front Door. While pressing with one hand on the area marked with turn the Lock Release Lever clockwise to swing up the Upper Unit.

  • Page 44: J8-semi-automatic Document Handler (sdh)

    5. J Display J8 - Semi-automatic Document Handler (SDH) Remove the originals from the Document Turn the knob to the left while carefully Feed Tray. pulling out the original. C1159O105DA C1159O109DA Open the paper misfeed removal guide and Lower the Semi-automatic Document carefully remove the original.

  • Page 45: C Display

    6. C Display When a malfunction occurs in the copier, "C" and a number will flash alternately on the Display Panel. Copying cannot be performed at this time. Use the following procedure to reset the copier. C1159O111DA Resetting the Copier Before Calling Your Service Representative Turn the Main Switch off and then on Before calling the service representative, note...

  • Page 46: Chapter 6 Troubleshooting

    Chapter 6 Troubleshooting This chapter gives you instructions on how to troubleshoot copier malfunctions. 1. When This Type of Copy is Produced .........p. 40 2. Copier Does Not Work Properly..........p. 42...

  • Page 47: When This Type Of Copy Is Produced

    1. When This Type of Copy is Produced Symptom Possible Cause Action The image is too light. The manual exposure level is set Press the Exposure Control Key 6 as necessary to obtain a on the lighter side. darker image. (See page 16.) You have been making copies The copier needs more toner.

  • Page 48

    1. When This Type of Copy is Produced Symptom Possible Cause Action The edge of the copy is dirty. The Original Pad or SDH Pad is Wipe the Original Pad or SDH dirty. pad clean with a soft cloth dampened with mild detergent. (See page 45.) You have selected a paper size Select the same copy paper size...

  • Page 49: Copier Does Not Work Properly

    2. Copier Does Not Work Properly Problem Cause Correction Nothing displayed on the The Auto Power Off function Press the Main Switch to turn Control Panel. has been activated. the copier on. Copying does not start when the Is the LED in the Start Key off? The Copier is still warming up.

  • Page 50: Chapter 7 Miscellaneous

    Chapter 7 Miscellaneous This chapter provides additional information about your copier, such as specifications and steps for daily maintenance. 1. Copier Specifications..............p. 44 2. Daily Maintenance ..............p. 45 3. Paper Size..................p. 46 4. Index....................p. 47...

  • Page 51: Copier Specifications

    1. Copier Specifications Model Minolta EP1031/EP1031F Type Desktop type Platen Type Stationary Photoconductor Copying System Electrostatic Dry Powered Image Transfer Developing System Micro-Toning System Fusing System Heater Roller Types of Originals Type: Sheet Max. Size: A4L (Legal) Max. Weight: 3 kg (7 lbs)

  • Page 52: Daily Maintenance

    2. Daily Maintenance Cleaning: Before cleaning, always make sure the Main Switch for the copier has been turned off. Outer Cover Original Glass Use a soft cloth dampened with a mild household Use a soft dry cloth to clean the original glass. detergent to clean the outer cover of the copier.

  • Page 53: Paper Size

    3. Paper Size Size Type Metric (mm) Inch 210 297 8-1/2" 11-3/4" 182 257 7-1/4" 10" 148 210 5-3/4" 8-1/4" 128 182 5" 7-1/4" 105 148 4-1/4" 5-3/4" Post Card 100 148 4" 5-3/4" Size Type Inch Metric (mm) Legal 8-1/2"...

  • Page 54: Index

    4. Index Add Toner Indicator p. 32 Auto Exposure p. 16 Auto Power Off p. 10 Auto Reset p. 10 Cleaning the Copier p. 45 Clear/Stop Key p. 10 Control Panel p. 8 Daily Maintenance p. 45 Default Auto Exposure Level p. 27 Default Manual Exposure Level p.

  • Page 55

    Copyright 1997 MINOLTA CO., LTD Printed in China The information contained in this manual is subject to change without notice to incorporate improvements made on the product or products the manual covers. 1997.10 MINOLTA CO., LTD. 3-13, 2-Chome, Azuchi-Machi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 541, Japan...

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