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KitchenAid YKESV908PM01 Installation Instructions Manual page 12

30" (76.2 cm) freestanding and slide-in electric ranges
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3-wire connection:
Power supply cord
Use this method only if local codes permit connecting cabinet-
ground conductor to neutral wire of power supply cord.
1. Use a 1A" nut driver and remove the hex washer head screws
from the aluminum terminal blocks,
2. Connect the neutral (center) wire to the center terminal
connector using one of the hex washer head screws.
Securely tighten screw for proper electrical connection,
A. Line 1
B. Ground-link
C. Hex washer head screw
D. Silver-colored
block screw
E. Neutral (center) wire
F. Line 2
G. UL listed strain relief
and 40-amp range power
supply cord
3. Connect the other 2 wires (lines 1 and 2) to the outer terminal
screws on the terminal block,
4. Tighten strain relief screws,
5. Replace terminal block cover.
6. Plug in range or reconnect power.
Direct Wire Installation:
or Aluminum
This range may be connected
directly to the fuse disconnect
circuit breaker box. Depending on your electrical supply, make
the required 3-wire or 4-wire connection,
1. Remove the knockout as needed for the conduit connection,
2. Assemble a UL listed conduit connector in the opening.
........ ....
A. UL listed conduit connector
Strip outer covering back 3" (7.6 cm) to expose wires. Strip
the insulation back 1" (2.5 cm) from the end of each wire.
(2.5 cm)
(7.6 cm)
4. Allow enough slack in the wire to easily attach the wiring
terminal block.
5. Complete electrical connection according to your type
electrical supply (4-wire or 3-wire electrical connection).
4-wire connection:
Direct wire
Use this method for:
New branch-circuit
installations (1996 NEC)
Mobile homes
Recreational vehicles
In an area where local codes prohibit grounding through the
1. Remove the ground-link
screw from the range frame. Save
the ground-link
screw and cup washer. Bend the ground-link
away from the range so that it does not contact the range.
A. Ground-link screw
B. Cup washer
C. Ground-link bent away from range
2. Connect the bare ground wire to the range using the ground-
link screw and cup washer. The ground wire must be
attached first and must not contact any other terminal.
A. Bare ground wire from
power supply cable
B. Line 1
C. Hex washer head screw
D. Silver-colored
block screw
E. Line 2
F Neutral (white) wire
G. UL listed conduit connector
and power supply cable
Loosen (do not remove) the hex washer head screw and
insert the neutral (white) wire under the screw clamp at the
bottom of the center position terminal connector.
Insert the other 2 wires (lines 1 and 2) under the other 2 screw
A. Insert wire under screw clamp
B. Hex washer head screw
5. Securely tighten the hex washer head screws to 35 in.-Ibs
minimum torque to make proper electrical connection.
6. Tighten the locking ring of the conduit connector.
7. Replace the terminal block cover.



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