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Washing Capacity; Detergent Usage - Haier XPBM15-0501 User Manual

1.5 kg mini washing machine
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Washing Capacity

Detergent usage

Usage of whitener
Fill water to the desired level. Dilute the whitener and pour it slowly into the
washing tub.
Avoid using whitener with colored or patterned laundries, as they are prone
to lose color.
The whitener should not go on the laundries directly.
Refer to the user's manual for the usage and quantity of the whitener.
For powder whitener, dissolve it before use.
Usage of washing powder
Dissolving power in the machine
1.Fill machine with water to level"1".Indicators can be seen on the inner tub.
2.Add the powder. Run the machine for approx 30 seconds, to dissolve
3.Put the clothes in. Add water to a suitable water level.
Soap flakes
1.Prepare warm water of 30
2.Add the soap and then stir it until it`s fully dissolved.
Put in the proper quantity of detergent according to the water level and the
washing quantities .
It is suggested not to use high sudsing detergent.
The washing capacity of the machine refers
to the maximum weight of dry clothes being
washed at any one time.
This capacity is 1.5kg.
The thickness, size and type of the cloth will
affect the actual washing capacity.
in a container.



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