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Safety Precautions - Haier XPBM15-0501 User Manual

1.5 kg mini washing machine
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Safety precautions

Please plug the washer into a
220V-240V a.c receptacle. Be sure
to use single-phase three pin
receptacle. Ensure the earthing
prong of the power receptacle is
earthed reliably. Use leakage
protector if possible.
Do not twist pinch or damage the cord.
If the cord or plug becomes damaged,
please contact the service agent or an
authorised technician.
Do not put the machine in damp places like
the bathroom. Never wash it with water.
Do not put wet clothes on the control panel.
If the washing machine is installed on
carpet, do not block the ventilation hole
with carpet.
soft items
Do not let the machine share one power point with other
electric appliances. If the power plug is damaged or
loose, do not use the plug any more.
The ventilation holes
at the bottom
The appliance must be positioned so that
the power plug is accessible.Be sure to pull
the plug out and close the water faucets in
the following cases: power failure, installing
the machine,leaving the machine idle or
cleaning the machine. Do not push or pull
the power plug with wet hand.
If the appliance is attached to an extension
cord or electrical portable outlet device,it should
not be exposed to the splashing of water or
ingress of moisture.
Do not use water hotter than 50 C .
Do not wash water-proof items like
the raincoat, bike covers etc.



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