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Weight Bar Assembly; Final Assembly - ProSpot Fitness HG-1 Owner's Manual

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Table of Contents
1. Now its time to install Sensor Weight Bar (38). Using a 5mm allen wrench remove the Socket Button (61)
Head Screw & End Cap (42) off each end. Now using a 4mm allen wrench, remove the Spacer Collar (40)
from each end of Sensor Weight Bar. This may take two people to perform this next task. Place Sensor
Weight Bar in front of unit. Grab and touch both at the same time the metal plate on the Weight Bar Cable
Knuckles (37) that are on the front of the unit. This will trigger the sensor to release the Cables to allow down
ward movement. Pull down to waist level and hold these at this position. Make sure Cables are not twisted
and the metal face of Cable Knuckle is facing inward. If you let go the Cables, they will retract back into unit.
Now have your assistant slide end of the (38) Sensor Weight Bar thru holes in knuckles on each side. Note:
There is a key slot cut out in Cable Knuckle for a metal pin on Sensor Weight Bar to slide thru. You can now
let go of Sensor weight Bar. It will not move unless Sensor is triggered. Now reinstall (40) Spacer collar so
that it is against Cable Knuckle and tighten with 4mm allen wrench. Now install the Olympic adapters (41),
End Caps (42) and tighten (61) Socket Button (61) Head Screw with 5mm allen wrench.
2. Now test movement of Weight Bar. Try lowering and raising the Weight Bar to the furthest points. If it sticks
or doesn't work correctly, check the Weight Bar Cables over the pulleys to make sure they are not crossed
or twisted. According to Diagram # 4, check for proper cable runs over pulleys and Cable Keepers are
installed, not over tightened. Make sure all wire harnesses are plugged together correctly.
1. Now according to Diagram # 2 install the Left Locking Post Cover (12) using four Machine Screws (64) and
four Washers (65). Make sure Cover goes over the tabs for machine screws but goes between plates on top
and bottom of the Cover. Tighten securely but be careful not to strip the screw heads.
2. Now before installing Right Locking Post Cover there two steps that need to be done. According to Diagram
# 1, attach Cup Holder (88) to outside face of shroud using
Nuts (74). There are pre drill holes in Cover for this. Next feed Neon Wire Harness (78) thru hole near
bottom inside
face of Cover and plug into both the Neon Light Cross Brace Harness and Neon Light Wire Harness (77)
Reference diagrams # 1 & 7. Make sure Cover goes over the tabs for Machine Screws but goes between
plates on top and bottom of the Cover. Tighten securely but be careful not to strip the screw heads.
3. Now plug in Neon Power Cord (79) in to Power supply (78). Next plug Neon Power Cord (79) into surge
Protector Power Strip. All four Neon Lights should turn on. If light or lights do not turn on, check wiring
according to Diagram # 7.
4. Next install Mesh Covers (30) & (31) to both sides. Stretch and adjust for proper fit with no
5. According to diagram # 5, next install the Prospot Logo Plate (90) to the Front Top Rail (21).
6. Now according to Diagrams # 1 & 2 install "PROSPOT" letters to the Front Curved Rails (14).
7. Using the Foot Pump (87) inflate Stability Ball (85) to required firmness. Do not over inflate.
-- 5 --
Pan Cross Head Bolts
(73), Washers (72) and

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Table of Contents