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Cleaning,Stopping - Haier HRF-155 Instruction

Haier household refrigerator instruction
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Cleaning, Stopping
*For safety, please take off the power plug before cleaning.
*Clean it with warm water added with neutral detergent using soft
cloth or foam. Never use hard brushes. Nor household cleaner,
paint, solvent, benzene, acid and hot water.
*Clean the water on the surface of the refrigerator.
(1)Do not spray water on it , it may effect the insulation of electric
(2)Please use dry cloth to clean switches, lamp thermostat , etc.
*The door seal is easy to dirt, keep it clean.
Treatment during power failure
In case of power failure, even in summer, it is no problem to
keep the food in several hours. If you know it beforehand,
pay attention:
*In case of power failure, take off the plug. Put it in after 6 minute at
*Do not put new food in and not open the door if possible after
power failure.
*Make much more ice and put it in the up part of the refrigerating
*Notice : Due to power failure or other reasons, temperature in the
freezing compartment goes up. That will decrease the storage
period or food quality.
If the refrigerator will not be used for a long time, the power plug
must be taken off. It needs cleaning as the above description.
When it stops, keep the door open to avoid bad odor.
Notice:Normally, don't stop the refrigerator. Otherwise it
will effect its life.
The follows are not faults:
*When the air is humid, water drops may be seen on the outside surface of the refrigerator or the middle beam.
Clean them off with a piece of dry cloth.
*The body and the middle beam in front may feel hot due to defrosting tubes passing through them.
*You may hear sound of refrigerant flowing in the circulation tubes or "ba, ba " and the sound made by the
compressor when it starts and stops,

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