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Features And Use; Initial Set Up; Temperature Adjustment - Haier BC-110E User Manual

Haier beverage cooler user's manual
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Features and use

Temperature adjustments
The temperature in the cabinet is controlled by the ther-
mostat according to the ambient temperature and con-
dition of the food in storage. The thermostat knob can
be rotated clockwise or counter-clockwise between the
scale of "0" and "6" (The numerals do not represent
temperature degree, but temperature changes. With the
value decreasing or increasing, the temperature in the
refrigerator will go up or down, respectively. If scale
"0" is selected, the appliance will cease operation), It is
recommended that the thermostat be set to position "3"
or "4" typical climate conditions, then closer to "0" in
summer and to "6" in winter.
Verify that the thermostat is properly set before setup
and should not be adjusted unless necessary.



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