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Door Reversal Instructions - Frigidaire GLEQ2170KE0 Installation Instructions Manual

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Figure 1
l_Open door and remove four (4) plugs in the door opening
opposite the hinges. Retain all parts for uses later, unless
otherwise noted (Figure t)Note: Use care in removing plugs
in not scratching paint on the front panel.
Figure 2
Figure 4
5,,Remove two (2) door handle screws and two (2) hole plugs
from door,. Again taking care not to scratch paint on door,.
(Figure 4)
2.. Begin removing the four (4) screws that attach the hinge to
the front panel (Figure 2) For best results, start by only
removing one screw per hinge. Then only loosen the two
remaining screws while firmly holding door to prevent damage
to hinge, front panel or door_ After the remaining screws are
loosened, continue to remove all..
Figure 3
Figure 5
6 Pull handle away from door assembley (Figure 5)
Figure 6
7,, Separatethe outer door from the inner door assembly with
a putty knife or flat screw driver (Figure 6)
3,, Placedoor on a towel or pad handle side down to prevent
any possible scratchesto door, Removeall remaining four (4)
screws between hinge and door (Figure 3)
4. Remove four (4) screws from side of door opposite of where
hinge was mounted.



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