Detergent And Rinse Aid - Haier WQP12-BFE Owner's Manual

Haier dishwasher owner's manual
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Detergent and Rinse Aid

Detergent specifically intended for use with dishwashers must
be used. The dispenser must be refilled before the start of each
wash cycle following the instructions provided in the "Wash Cycle
Table." The detergent dispenser is located on the inside panel of
the door.
Loading the detergent
To open the "A" cover on the dispenser, press the "B" button.
The detergent for the wash cycle should be poured into the "C"
After the detergent has been placed in the dispenser, close the
cover and press down until it clicks in place.
Note: To facilitate closing the cover, remove any excess de-
tergent on the edges of the dispenser.
Rinse Aid
This product makes dishes sparkle and helps them to dry with-
out spotting. The dispenser is located on the inside panel of the
door and should be filled after every 80 wash cycles (or when
the rinse aid indicator light comes on for those models with this
Loading the Rinse Aid
To open the dispenser, turn the "C" cap in the anti-clockwise
direction and then pour in the rinse aid, making sure you do not
overfill. The amount of rinse aid used for each cycle can be regu-
lated by turning the "F" dose adjustor, located beneath the "C"
cap, with a screwdriver. There are 6 different settings; the nor-
mal dosage setting is 3.
Proper dosage of the rinse aid improves drying.
If drops of water remain on the dishes or spotting occurs, the
dosage adjustor should be turned to a higher setting.
If the dishes have white streaks, turn the dosage adjustor to a
lower setting.

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