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Fault Finding - Haier DW12-PE1ME Instructions For Use Manual

Haier dishwasher instructions for use
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Fault finding

Resolving minor problems yourself
Experience has shown that you can resolve most problems that rise during
normal daily usage yourself, without having to call out a service engineer.Not
only does this save costs,but it also means that the appliance is available for
use again that much sooner. The following list of common occurrences and
their remedies should help you identify the causes of most problems.
...when the appliance is switched on
Appliance does not start up
Fault with fuse in mains electricity supply.
Plug not inserted in wall socket.
Appliance door not closed properly.
Programme button has not been pressed.
Water tap not turned on.
Blocked strainer in water intake hose.
- The strainer is situated in the Aquastop or supply-hose connection.
Do not forget that repairs should only be carried
out by a qualified specialist. Improper repairs can
lead to considerable equipment damage as well
as danger to the user.
...with the appliance itself
Error display on the time-remaining indicator
When all the programme indicators " C" blink.
Have you checked whether:
the door is closed properly.
When the programme indicators "C1,C2,C3" blink.
Have you checked whether:
the water is turned on and the hose is connected properly;
the water supply to the house is on and has sufficient pressure;
the water supply hose is crimped or bent;
the filter for the water supply hose is clogged.
the drain hose is too low.
When the programme indicators " C1,C3,C5" blink.
Have you checked whether:
the drain hose is crimped or bent.
the drain hose is too high.
When the programme indicators " C1,C2,C5" blink.
Have you checked whether:
the drain hose is too low.
If you take all these checks and the dishwasher still does not func-
tion or your dishwasher has any other error display, you can power
the dishwasher OFF, and wait a few minutes. You can power the
dishwasher on, try it again , if the dishwasher still does not func-
tion and/or the problem persists, contact the nearest authorised
service center and provide them with the following information:
the problem.
the model type number (Mod...) And the serial number (S/N...), which are
indicated on the plate located on the side of the inner part of the door.
Lower spray arm rotates with difficulty
Spray arm is blocked by small items or food remains.
Lid in detergent compartment cannot be closed
Detergent compartment has been overfilled.
Mechanism is clogged with remnants of detergent.
Indicator lamps do not extinguish after washing has finished
Main switch is still set to ON.
Remnants of detergent stuck inside dispenser
Compartment was damp when it was filled up with detergent. Compartment
must be dry before detergent is added.
Water remains inside appliance after programme has ended
Blockage or kink in drainage hose.
Pump is jammed.
Filters are blocked.
The programme is still running. Wait for the programme to end .
...during washing
Unusual amount of foam is creased
Normal washing up liquid has been poured into the rinse-aid container.
Remove any spilled rinse aid with a cloth as it could otherwise lead to exces-
sive foaming during the next washing cycle.
Appliance stops suddenly while washing is taking place
Cut off electricity supply to appliance.
Water supply has been interrupted.
Knocking sound can be heared while washing is taking place
A spray arm is knocking against the dishes inside the appliance.
C1 C2 C3
Rattling sound can be heared while washing is taking place
Crockery has not been stacked properly inside the appliance.
Knocking sound coming from inlet valves
This is caused by the way the water pipes have been laid and it has no effect
upon the way the appliance functions. There is no remedy for this.
...with the dishes,cutlery, etc.
Remnants of food are stuck to the dishes, cutlery,etc.
Dishwasher was not loaded properly. Jets of water could not reach all parts
of the dishes, ect.
Too many items in the rack.
Items in the rack were touching each other.
Not enough detergent was added to dispenser.
Selected wash programme was not intensive enough.
Rotation of spray arm was obstructed by dishes, etc.
N ozzles in spray arm are blokcked by remnants of food.
Filters are blocked.
Filters have been incorrectly fitted.
Waste-water pump is jammed.

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