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Materials - Haier CRDE400AW User Manual

Haier electric dryer user manual
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Use only 4 inch (10.2cm) diameter (minimum) rigid of flexible metal duct and
approved vent hood which has a swing-out damper hat open when the dryer is
in operation. When the dryer stops, the dampers automatically close to prevent
drafts and the entrance of insects and rodents. To avoid restricting the outlet,
maintain a minimum of 12 inches (30.5cm) clearance between the vent hood and
the ground or any other obstruction. The vent flap should be able to move freely.
Although vertical orientation of the exhaust system is acceptable. Certain
extenuating circumstances could affect the performance of the dryer:
1. Only rigid metal duct work should be used.
2. Venting vertically through a roof may expose the exhaust system to down
drafts causing an increase in vent restriction.
3. Running the exhaust system through an area not insulated may cause
condensation and faster accumulation of lint.
4. Compression of crimping of the exhaust system will cause an increase in vent
The exhaust system should be inspected and cleaned a minimum of every 12
months with normal usage. The more the dryer is used the more often you should
check the exhaust system and vent hood for proper operation.



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