Troubleshooting - Haier CRDE400AW User Manual

Haier electric dryer user manual
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Dryer does not operate:
Check if unit is plugged in. The plug may have come loose.
Check if the electrical wall socket is the correct voltage.
Check if the circuit breaker needs to be reset or if the fuse
needs to be replaced.
Check if the unit is in Off mode. Press Power On/Off button again.
Check if door is open or not in place. Open and close the door slightly
and make sure in place.
Dryer is working but not drying the clothes:
Unit may be over loaded. The dryer drum should only be half full.
Check exhause ducts and vent. Vent should be free of all obstructions.
Duct should be lint and dust free. Ducts should be cleaned regularly.
Dryer load needs to be resorted. Heavy clothes may need to
be separated from regular clothes.
Bulky clothes may require repositioning.
If clothes dry unevenly a higher dr y setting may be required or
clothes in the dryer may need to be resorted.
Dryer making noise when drying:
Coins, loose change, buttons and other heavy objects could make noise.
Dryer may need to be leveled properly.
Read OPERATING INSTRUCTION-Normal Operating Sounds.
Caused by over drying. Adjust for shorter drying time.
Mixed with synthetic fabric. Sort and separate different fabrics.
Use a fabric softener.


Table of Contents

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