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3. Press "Sensor Dryness Level" button to select a suitable drying time
After powering on, the clothes dryer automatically sets dryness at "Very",
which means the normal drying time. If other drying time is desired, press
"Sensor Dryness Level" button to select a shorter time.
4. Press "Temp" button to set a suitable drying temperature
After switching on, the dryer sets corresponding temperature adapting to
different program selected. If other drying temperature is wanted, press
"Temp" button to enable such a selection.
5. Press "Cycle Signal" button, you will be reminded up upon
end of a cycle
After switching on, the dryer automatically sets buzzer at "Softer", while the
user may define three prompt sound conditions "Louder", "Softer" and "Off".
6. Press "Wrinkle Care" button to select wrinkle-proof drying mode
Wrinkle Care automatically sets "Off" upon powering on. Press "Wrinkle Care"
button, it sets wrinkle Care drying mode.
" Wrinkle Care " function is preset to 60 minutes at Air only(No Heat)
temperature. When drying cycle ends, clothes remained in hot drum is prone to
" Wrinkle Care " function operates in tumbling clothes by intermittently
rotating drum to avoid clothes wrinkling.
7. Press "Start/Pause" button
If starting the machine, firstly close the front door and then press this button.
If pause is needed during machine operating, press this button. Pressing again will
resume operation.


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