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Haier CRDE400AW User Manual page 13

Haier electric dryer user manual
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4. Thread a U.L. approved 30 Amp power cord. NEMA 14-30 type ST or SRDT
through the strain relief.
5. Attach the green power cord ground wire to the cabinet with green ground
6. Attach the white (neutral) power cord conductors to the outer cord and the
green ground wire from the dryer harness to the brass-colored center
terminal on the terminal block. Tighten the screw securely.
7. Attach the red and black power cord conductors to the outer brass-colored
terminals on the terminal block.
Warning: Do not make a sharp bend or crimp wiring /conductor at
8. Tighten the screws securing the cord restraint firmly against the power cord.
9. Tighten the strain relief nut securely so that the strain relief does not turn.
10. Reinstall the terminal block cover.
Label all wires prior to disconnection, when servicing controls.
Wiring errors can cause improper operation and be
dangerous. Check unit for proper operation after servicing.
Warning: Discard or destroy the carton and plastic bags after the dryer is
unpacked. Children should not be allowed to use them to play
with. Cartons covered with rugs, bedspreads, or plastic sheets
can become an airtight chamber and cause suffocation leading
Warning: The instructions in this manual and all other literature included
with this dryer can not cover every possible condition and
situation that may occur. Good safety practice and caution must
appliances. After installing, if you are in doubt, call a certified
electrician to install and wire the dryer.
to death. Make all packing materials inaccessible to children.
be applied when installing, operating and maintaining any



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