Shelving; Interior Light; Door Lock; Normal Operating Sounds - Haier HVFM24B User Manual

Haier wine cellar user manual
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• The shelves are designed for flexibility and easy cleaning.
To accommodate different sized bottles the shelves slide out
and can be moved up or down into any of the tracks molded
into the cellar cabinet. Larger bottles or Magnums can be more easily
accommodated on the shelves of the bottom of the cellar.
You will notice that the shelves are designed so the bottles do
not line-up directly over one another. This allows free air
movement and provides more space.

Interior Light

• To complement the look of your wine collection, a soft light has been
built into the wine cellar. Simply push the "Light/Set" button on the
electronic controlled unit, and the light comes on, push again for off.
On the mechanical control units, the light switch is on the front for
your convenience. For maximum energy efficiency, leave light off
when not viewing your collection.

Door Lock

(electronic controlled unit only)
• For safety and security, your wine cellar is equipped with a door lock.
To eliminate the risk of accidental child entrapment, the lock was
designed so that the door will not lock until the key is removed
Normal Operating Sounds You May Hear
• Boiling water, gurgling sounds or slight vibrations that are the result
of the refrigerant circulating through the cooling coils.
• The thermostat control will click when it cycles on and off.

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Table of Contents