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Drain Piping - Haier HDU-42CF03/H Operating & Installation Manual

Haier duct type air conditioner operation & installation manual indoor unit
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Installation Manual For Indoor Unit
4. Installation of indoor unit
Fix the indoor unit to the hanger bolts.
If required, it is possible to suspend the unit to the beam, etc.
Directly by use of the bolts without using the hanger bolts.
When the dimensions of main unit and ceiling holes does not match, it can be adjusted with the slot holes
of hanging bracket.
Adjusting to the levelness
(a) Adjust the out-of levelness using a level or by
the following method.
Make adjustment so that the relation between
the lower surface of the unit proper and water
level in the hose becomes as given below.
(b) Unless the adjustment to the levelness is made properly, malfunctioning or failure of the float
switch may occur.

5. Drain Piping

(a) Drain piping should always be in a downhill grade (1/50~1/100) and avoid riding across an
elevation or making traps.
Good piping
1.5m ~ 2m
A downhill grade
of 1/100 or more
When connecting the drain pipe to unit, pay suffcient attention not to apply excess force to the piping
on the unit side. Also, fix the piping at a point as close as possible to the unit.
For drain pipe, use hard PVC general purpose pipe
VP-25(I.D.1") which can be purchased locally. When
connecting, insert a PVC pipe end securely into the
drain socket before tightening securely using the
attached drain hose and clamp. Adhesive must not
be used connection of the drain socket and drain
hose (accessory).
M10 nut
Main unit
Piping side
Supply water
Water level
0~5 mm
Bring the piping side slightly lower.
Inproper piping
Air vent
Drain socket
Drain socket
Pipe cover(large)
[for insulation]
Main unit
Pipe cover(small)
[for insulation]
Hanging bolt
M10 washer
M10 spring washer
PVC hose
Avoid riding across an elevation
Keep free from traps
Do not pipe under water
Drain hose
VP 25 joint
(field purchased)
VP 25
Drain hose
(field purchased)
Pipe cover
[for insulation]
(field purchased)



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