Installation Manual For Indoor Unit - Haier AD142ALEAA Operation And Instruction Manual

Haier duct type air conditioner operation & instruction manual
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Installation Manual For Indoor Unit

1. Safety precautions
Please read these "Safety Precautions" first then accurately execute the installation work.
Though the precautionary points indicated herein are divided under two headings,
resulting in death or serious injury are listed in the
possibility of serious consequences in relationship to the points listed in the
In either case, important safety related information is indicated, so by all means, properly observe all that is
After completing the installation, along with confirming that no abnormalities were seen from the operation
tests, please explain operating methods as well as maintenance methods to the user (customer) of this equipment,
based on the owner's manual.
Moreover, ask the customer to keep this sheet together with the owner's manual.
This system should be applied to places as office, restaurant, residence and the like. Application to inferior
environment such as engineering shop could cause equipment malfunction.
Please entrust installation to either the company which sold you the equipment or to a professional contractor.
Defects from improper installations can be the cause of water leakage, electric shocks and fires.
Execute the installation accurately, based on following the installation manual. Again, improper installations
can result in water leakage, electric shocks and fires.
When a large air-conditioning system is installed to a small room, it is necessary to have a prior planned
countermeasure for the rare case of a refrigerant leakage, to prevent the exceeding of threshold concentration.
In regards to preparing this countermeasure, consult with the company from which you perchased the equipment,
and make the installation accordingly. In the rare event that a refrigerant leakage and exceeding of threshold
concentration does occur, there is the danger of a resultant oxygen deficiency accident.
For installation, confirm that the installation site can sufficiently support heavy weight. When strength is
insufficient, injury can result from a falling of the unit.
Execute the prescribed installation construction to prepare for earthquakes and the strong winds of typhoons
and hurricanes, etc. Improper installations can result in accidents due to a violent falling over of the unit.
For electrical work, please see that a licensed electrician executes the work while following the safety standards
related to electrical equipment, and local regulations as well as the installation instructions, and that only
exclusive use circuits are used.
Insufficient power source circuit capacity and defective installation execution can be the cause of electric
shocks and fires.
Accurately connect wiring using the proper cable, and insure that the external force of the cable is not conducted
to the terminal connection part, through properly securing it. Improper connection or securing can result in
heat generation or fire.
Take care that wiring does not rise upward, and accurately install the lid/service panel. Its improper installation
can also result in heat generation or fire.
When setting up or moving the location of the air conditioner, do not mix air etc. or anything other than the
designated refrigerant within the refrigeration cycle.
Rupture and injury caused by abnormal high pressure can result from such mixing.
Always use accessory parts and authorized parts for installation construction. Using parts not authorized by
this company can result in water leakage, electric shock, fire and refrigerant leakage.
Execute proper grounding. Do not connect the ground wire to a gas pipe, water pipe, lightning rod or a
telephone ground wire. Improper placement of ground wires can result in electric shock.
The installation of an earth leakage breaker is necessary depending on the established location of the unit.
Not installing an earth leakage breaker may result in electric shock.
Do not install the unit where there is a concern about leakage of combustible gas.
The rare event of leaked gas collecting around the unit could result in an outbreak of fire.
For the drain pipe, follow the installation manual to insure that it allows proper drainage and thermally insulate
it to prevent condensation. Inadequate plumbing can result in water leakage and water damage to interior
, those points which are related to the strong possibility of an installation done in error
section. However, there is also a
section as well.



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