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TEFAL FV9330 User Instructions

Tefal steam iron user instructions.
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Please read these instructions carefully and keep them for future reference.
Auto-Stop safety warning light
Ergonomic grip
(depending on model)
"Thermo-Alert" light
(depending on model)
Spray Button
Shot of Steam Button
Anti-calc valve release
control panel
Program selector
indicator light
Warning ! Remove any labels from the soleplate
before heating up the iron (depending on model).
Before using your iron with the steam function for the first time, we recom-
mend that you operate it in a horizontal position for a few moments, away
from your linen, i.e. press the Shot of Steam button a few times.
During the first few uses, a harmless odour and smoke may be given off.
This has no effect on the use of the iron and will disappear quickly.
What water to use ?
Your appliance has been designed to function with untreated tap water. However, it is
necessary to operate the Self-Clean function regularly in order to eliminate hard water
deposits from the steam chamber.
If your water is very hard (check with your local water authority), it is possible to mix
tap water with store-bought distilled or demineralised water in the following
proportions : - 50% tap water, - 50% distilled or demineralised water.
Types of water not to use
Heat concentrates the elements contained in water during evaporation.The types of
water listed below contain organic waste or mineral elements that can cause spitting,
brown staining, or premature wear of the appliance : water from clothes dryers,
scented or softened water, water from refrigerators, batteries or air conditioners,
pure distilled or demineralised water or rain water should not be used in your Tefal
iron. Also do not to use boiled, filtered or bottled water.
Filling the water tank
Electric power
- Unplug your iron before filling it.
- Set the steam control to DRY (A) .
Extra-large heel with
- Take the iron in one hand and tilt it slightly, soleplate downwards (D).
non-slip pad
- To open the water tank stopper, turn it anticlockwise until the arrow on the stopper
points to the "open padlock" symbol (B). It will lift automatically.
- Fill the tank up to the "MAX" line (D).
Integral anti-scale
- Re-close the tank stopper (C).To close the stopper, align the arrow with the "open padlock"
symbol then turn it clockwise until the arrow is aligned with the "closed padlock" symbol.
- You can now plug in your iron.
Choose your ironing programme
Water tank
Your iron has 8 ironing programmes:
filler hole
• For each program corresponding to a type of textile to be ironed, your iron automati-
cally and precisely determines the most suitable temperature and steam flow to guarantee
best results.
• To select the appropriate ironing program, use the program selector beneath the grip (E).
- Pressing on the left side
levels. Beyond program 1, pressing the program selector has no effect.
- Pressing on the right side
levels. Beyond program 8, pressing the program selector has no effect.
- The program selected appears automatically on the indicator panel at the front of the iron (F).
- Set the steam control to steam (
- When your iron reaches the required temperature, the thermostat indicator goes out (G).
You can start ironing.
Fabrics and ironing temperatures:
• Your iron heats up quickly: so begin by ironing fabrics that are ironed at low tem-
peratures first, then go on to those requiring a higher temperature,
• if you change to a program requiring lower temperatures, wait for the thermostat
light to come on again before continuing to iron (for models fitted with the
"Thermo-Alert", refer to the section "Thermo-Alert function").
• when ironing fabrics with mixed fibres, set the ironing temperature for the most
delicate fibre. For delicate fabrics we recommend testing the fabric first on an
inconspicious place eg (inside them).
• For best results we recommend you use a vented ironing board to allow the
powerful steam to penetrate through the fabric more efficiently.
• Ensure that the fabric you are ironing is flat to avoid steam venting sideways
whilst ironing.
: selects the programs requiring low temperature and steam
: selects the programs requiring high temperature and steam
Spray Function
- While ironing, press a few times in succession on the Spray
button to dampen the fabric (H) and iron out obstinate
For more steam (shot of steam button)
- Press the Shot of Steam button from time to time (I)
- Wait a few seconds between each shot before pressing
the button again.
Vertical steam ironing
- Ideal for removing creases from suits, jackets, skirts, hanging curtains etc
- Hang the garment on a hanger and hold the fabric slightly taut with one hand.
The steam is very hot, so you should always do this with the garment on a hanger –
never while someone is wearing it.
- Set the iron to program 8 (J).
- Hold the iron a few centimetres from the fabric to avoid burning delicate fabrics.
- Press the Shot of Steam button (
) repeatedly (K), moving the iron from top to bot-
tom. (See illustration) (L).
Integral anti-scale system
You iron is equipped with an integral anti-scale system (M).
- This system will help to provide :
• a better ironing quality with a constant flow of steam,
• a longer life for your iron.
Anti-drip function
- The principle of automatic selection of the steam according to the fabric selected,
reduces the steam flow at lower temperatures and avoids water dripping from your iron
onto the fabric.
Auto-Stop safety feature (depending on model)
- The electronic system cuts off the electric power and the
Auto-Stop warning light flashes if the iron is left
vertically on its heel for more than 8 minutes, or
in a horizontal position for more than 30 seconds,
for your security.
- To restart the iron, just move it gently until the warning light
stops flashing.
Note : when the Auto-Stop warning light is on,
it is normal for the thermostat light to remain off.
"Thermo-Alert" function (depending on model)
- The "Thermo-Alert" light (O) comes on when you choose a
program requiring a lower temperature (for example, changing
from program 8 to program 6).
It remains lit while the soleplate temperature is too high.
- When it goes out, you can iron without risk of burning the fabric.

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  • Page 1: Steam Ironing

    : selects the programs requiring high temperature and steam levels. Beyond program 8, pressing the program selector has no effect. - The program selected appears automatically on the indicator panel at the front of the iron (F). - Set the steam control to steam ( - When your iron reaches the required temperature, the thermostat indicator goes out (G).

  • Page 2: Storing Your Iron

    - Set the steam control to steam ( - Allow your iron to heat up with the tank full and standing on its heel (on program 8). - When the thermostat light goes out, unplug the iron and hold it in a horizontal position, over a sink.

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