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Grizzly G4003G Owner's Manual: Tool Post & Holder; Tailstock Controls; G4003g Gunsmith's Lathe

Gunsmith's lathe.
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Tool Post & Holder
Figure 37 shows tool post and a holder with
optional bit. Cutting tools can be secured and
removed by tightening or loosening the clamping
screws in the top of the holder. A threaded stud is
mounted in the top of the holder and has a knurled
thumb wheel. Rotating the thumb wheel allows for
adjustment of the tool holder so the cutting tool
can be centered. The handle on the tool post can
be rotated to lock and unlock the tool holder onto
the dovetail ways. The tool post may be rotated by
loosening the nut at the top of the tool post.
Figure 37. Quick change tool post.

Tailstock Controls

The tailstock (Figure 38) serves many functions.
The primary use is for holding centers and drill
chucks. The barrel has a Morse taper
is imprinted with graduations in millimeters and
Figure 38. Tailstock controls.
Tailstock Handwheel
Turning the handwheel advances or retracts the
barrel in the tailstock. The graduated dial on the
handwheel is adjustable.
Barrel Lock Lever
This lever locks the tailstock barrel in place.
Side Lock Lever & Torque
This removable lever locks the tailstock in place
on the lathe bed. The socket that it fits into will
accept a
" drive torque wrench.
For repeating super accurate vertical alignment
positioning time after time, tighten the tailstock
here with an inch-pound torque wrench. If you
must, you can use a foot-pound torque wrench
but DO NOT exceed 40 lbs/ft of torque or you may
damage the ways and the tailstock. When tight-
ening the tailstock down to the maximum torque
of 40 lbs/ft, the center point will be drawn down
approximately 0.006".

G4003G Gunsmith's Lathe

3 bore and
Barrel Lock
Side Lock Lever


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