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Grizzly G4003G Owner's Manual: Carriage Handwheels

Gunsmith's lathe.
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Loosen the 17mm arm-support hex nut and
rotate the bracket so the middle gear moves
away from gear F (Figure 35).
Figure 35. Change gear placement.
Loosen 17mm gear-support hex nut and slide
the middle gear away from gear G.
Use a 5mm hex wrench and remove the cap
screw and remove change gear F.
Use a 5mm hex wrench and loosen the set
screw in the hub of gear G and pull the gear
off of the shaft.
Replace change gears F and G with the
gears which will produce your desired metric
thread pitch and tighten the fasteners to hold
the gears on the shafts.
10. Slide the appropriate middle gear against
gear G until they mesh with 0.002" to 0.004"
backlash and tighten the cap screw.
11. Rotate the appropriate middle gear against
gear F until they mesh with 0.002" to 0.004"
backlash and tighten the cap screw.
The desired metric pitch is 1.25mm, move the
quick change levers to positions 1 and C. The
"Combination of Gears" column shows that the F
position change gear needs 50 teeth and the G
position change gear needs 60 teeth. A diagram
on the left side of the chart shows that the
G4003G Gunsmith's Lathe
50 tooth change gear meshes with the 91 tooth
middle gear and the 60 tooth change gear mesh-
es with the 86 tooth middle gear. Begin threading,
but remember you cannot use the thread dial for
the metric threads. You must keep the half-nut
lever engaged throughout the whole threading
process until the threads are complete.
Carriage Handwheel
The carriage handwheel (Figure 36) moves the
carriage left or right along the bed. This manual
control is necessary when setting up the machine
for turning or when manual movement is desired
during turning operations.
Compound Slide Handwheel
The compound slide handwheel (Figure 36)
controls the position of the cutting tool relative
to the workpiece. This slide is adjustable to any
angle. The graduated dial is adjustable using the
same method as the dial on the cross slide. Angle
adjustment is locked by hex nuts on the base of
the top slide.
Cross Slide Handwheel
The cross slide handwheel moves the cross slide
toward and away from the work. Turning the dial
clockwise moves the slide toward the workpiece.
The graduated dial can be adjusted by holding the
handwheel with one hand and turning the dial with
the other.
Figure 36. Handwheel locations.


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