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Getting Started; Setting The Date And Time - X10 AIRPAD Owner's Manual

X10 airpad
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Getting Started

A few things you need to know to get started.
First charge the battery in your AirPad, connect the included power
supply to the jack on the side of your AirPad (labeled DC 5V) and
plug the power supply into an AC outlet. It may take up to 4 hours
to fully charge the unit.
You can read various sections of this manual at any time to learn
how to accomplish specifi c tasks. You can also visit X10's Wiki
on-line at:
Also see our AirPad Forums at:
The House symbol
takes you to your Home screen at any
time. It shows up in a few places but it's always visible in the top
left hand corner of the screen.
The back symbol
at the top right hand corner of the screen
takes you back one screen each time you touch it. (You can also
press the hard key on the top of your AirPad (labeled on the back
of the AirPad as ESC).

Setting the Date and Time

You'll likely want to set the date and time before you go much
To Set the Date and Time
On your Home screen, touch on the Settings icon.
Scroll down and touch Date & time.
3. Touch Set time.



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