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System Overview; Introduction; Benefits; Table 1. Benefits - Dell PowerEdge 2420 Technical Manual

Rack enclosures.
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1 System overview


The Dell™ PowerEdge™ rack enclosures are designed to hold and protect server, network and data
storage equipment. The Dell rack is a sturdy, practical design and solidly built, delivered with
Enterprise service, support and reliability. The Dell PowerEdge rack enclosures are offered in three
height options: 24U (2420), 42U (4220), and 48U (4820); each of these racks is available in the
standard 600mm x 1070mm dimensions, to fit within a two- tile floor plan layout.
Dell has introduced both wide and deep versions of the PowerEdge rack enclosures to address
specific market requirements for additional space for power and cable management. The 42U and
48U heights are available in the wide form factor, 750mm wide x 1070mm deep, and the deep form
factor, 600mm wide x 1200mm deep. The Dell racks are complemented with a range of products
that include basic, metered, and managed power distribution units (PDUs), rack- mount
uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs), digital keyboard/video/monitors (KVMs), and other
All of these form factors adhere to the EIA- 310- E standard for rack mounting of electronics,
ensuring that the mounting posts for installing components are configured for 19- inch equipment,
while the exterior of the rack is set to the specified dimensions. This ensures compatibility with
existing equipment while providing more options for cable and power cord routing. Not only do Dell
PowerEdge servers fit in these 19- inch racks, but other Enterprise equipment fit as well, including
Dell PowerVault™ and Dell EqualLogic™ storage, and Dell PowerConnect™ networking switches,
plus routers, hubs, and telephony equipment. Built with adjustable vertical mounting posts within
the rack, Dell racks are designed for use in almost any environment, such as an Enterprise data
center, a high- performance computing center, a remote office, a wiring closet, or a factory floor.


Table 1 lists the benefits of the rack enclosures.
Height options
Form factors
Door design
Cabling and PDUs
With a static load rating of 2,500 lbs and three form factors to choose from, the PowerEdge 42U
and 48U rack enclosures can provide the capacity you need to hold a full complement of data
center equipment. These sizes are available in three form factors:
Standard: 600mm wide x 1070mm deep
Wide: 750mm wide x 1070mm deep
Deep: 600mm wide x 1200mm deep
PowerEdge Rack Enclosures Technical Guide
Table 1.
Detailed descriptions
Dell PowerEdge rack enclosures offer three height options: 24U, 42U, and 48U
42U and 48U are available in standard, wide, and deep form factors
Excellent airflow with 80% perforated doors
Superb design facilitates more cabling and power distribution options


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