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Technical Data; Installation; Environmental Concerns - Electrolux ACN21105W User Manual

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Important! Never use sharp metal tools to scrape
off frost as you could damage the appliance. Do
not use a mechanical device or any artificial means
to speed up the thawing process other than those

Technical data

Rising Time
The technical information are situated in the rating
plate on the external right side of the appliance and
in the energy label.


This appliance can be installed in a garage or cellar,
but for optimum performance install the appliance
at a location where the ambient temperature cor-
responds to the climate class indicated on the rat-
ing plate of the appliance:
Ambient temperature
+10°C to + 32°C
+16°C to + 32°C
+16°C to + 38°C
+16°C to + 43°C
Ventilation requirements
1. Put the freezer in horizontal position on a firm
surface. The cabinet must be on all four feet.
2. Make sure that the clearance between the ap-
pliance and rear wall is 5 cm.

Environmental concerns

The symbol
on the product or on its packaging
indicates that this product may not be treated as
household waste. Instead it should be taken to the
appropriate collection point for the recycling of
electrical and electronic equipment. By ensuring
this product is disposed of correctly, you will help
prevent potential negative consequences for the
recommended by the manufacturer. A
temperature rise of the frozen food packs, during
defrosting, may shorten their safe storage life.
876 mm
795 mm
665 mm
28 h
3. Make sure that the clearance between the ap-
pliance and the sides is 5 cm.
The airflow behind the appliance must be suffi-
Electrical connection
Before plugging in, ensure that the voltage and
frequency shown on the rating plate correspond to
your domestic power supply.
The appliance must be earthed. The power supply
cable plug is provided with a contact for this pur-
pose. If the domestic power supply socket is not
earthed, connect the appliance to a separate earth
in compliance with current regulations, consulting
a qualified electrician.
The manufacturer declines all responsibility if the
above safety precautions are not observed.
This appliance complies with the E.E.C. Directives.
environment and human health, which could
otherwise be caused by inappropriate waste
handling of this product. For more detailed
information about recycling of this product, please
contact your local council, your household waste
disposal service or the shop where you purchased
the product.
electrolux 5
876 mm
1600 mm
665 mm
31 h



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