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Helpful Hints And Tips - Electrolux ACN1154 User Manual

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Important! Never use a knife or any
other sharp implement to remove frost or
The best time to clean your freezer is
after defrosting.
Disconnect the appliance from the
power supply and remove all loose
Use a damp cloth to clean your
freezer. Use hot water and a mild, non-
aromatic detergent.
Clean the loose accessories, before
replacing them again.
Important! Never use strong detergents,
scouring powder or aromatic detergents
to clean your freezer.
When not in use
Disconnect the appliance from the
power supply.
Remove all food from the freezer.
Clean the freezer as described above.
Leave the lid slightly open.

Helpful hints and tips

Freezing food
Before freezing, fresh food must be
packed in airtight and moisture-proof
packaging to prevent it from drying
Only use fresh food of the best quality.
Always leave hot food to cool to room
termperature before placing in the
Divide food into small portions before
freezing; this ensures that freezing is
more rapid, and that you only need to
defrost the amount needed for
immediate consumption.
Mark the freezer packaging with the
date of freezing.
Place fresh food for freezing close to
the cold sides of the freezer, making
sure that it is not in contact with the
frozen food already in the freezer.
Frozen food can be stored anywhere
inside the freezer, but should be kept
at least 5 mm below the upper edge.
If freezing is too slow, the quality of the
food being frozen deteriorates. The
amount of fresh food (expressed in kg)
that can be frozen in 24 hours is
indicated in the chapter "Technical data"
under "Freezing capacity".
Food storage
For fresh frozen food, please refer to
the storage period table underneath.
For purchased frozen food, never
exceed the expiry date.
When you buy frozen food, make sure
that it has been stored at the correct
temperature. Do not buy products
packaging. Place purchased products
in your freezer as quickly as possible.
We recommend using an insulated
bag to bring such products home with
Important! Remember that fully or
partially defrosted food must not be re-
frozen. However, dishes which have
been cooked using defrosted food may
be frozen.
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Table of Contents

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