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Daily Use; Care And Cleaning - Electrolux ACN1154 User Manual

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Daily use

Temperature adjustment
To adjust the temperature of the freezer,
proceed as follows:
Turn the thermostat knob clockwise
Turn the thermotat knob counter-
clockwise towards
storage temperature.
Super Freeze function
If more than 3-4 kg of fresh food is to be
frozen, the freezer needs to be pre-
At least 24 hours before placing fresh
food in the freezer, press the button.
The yellow light comes on.
Place the food in the freezer.
After 24 hours, press the button to de-
activated this function again.
If the freezer temperature is not
sufficiently low, the red light will come on.
The red light remains on as long as the
temperature in the freezer is higher than
the thermostat setting.
The alarm can be due to:
Insertion of a large amount of fresh
Opening the lid too long.
A defect in the system, see chapter
"What to do if...".
Storage baskets
Hang the baskets on the upper edge
(X) or place the stackable baskets
inside the freezer (Y).
for a colder storage
for a less cold
Turn and fix the handles for these two
positions, as shown in the drawings.
Spare baskets can be obtained from your
local Service Force Centre or from the
country). The illustrations on this page
show how many baskets can be placed in
the various freezer models.

Care and Cleaning

Defrosting the freezer
When the ice layer is 10-15 mm thick, the
freezer should be defrosted. We suggest
that you defrost your freezer when there is
little or no food inside.
Disconnect the appliance from the
power supply.
Remove the contents of the freezer,
wrap them in newspapers, and keep
them in a cold place.
Leave the appliance lid open.
Speed up defrosting by using the
enclosed scraper to detach the ice
from the appliance walls.
Dry the interior of the appliance


Table of Contents

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