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Tub Braces; Suspension Springs - Maytag Performa DLW231 Series Service Manual

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pinion in a vise using two (2) small blocks
of wood to prevent damage to the gear
teeth, and repeat the input torque check.
If the torque reading is between 17 and
20 inch pounds, the drive shaft is binding
in the sleeve bearings.
If the torque reading still exceeds 20 inch
pounds, the clutch assembly is defective
and must be repaired or replaced.
The transmission assembly can be re-
moved from the washer cabinet after
removing the drive belt, spin basket,
outer tub and the suspension springs.
NOTE: Be sure to dust the base dome
lightly with cornstarch before installing
the transmission.
Once the agitator has been removed,
the center post slips off the shaft.
Therefore, do not attempt to handle
the drive train by the center post after
the agitator has been removed. In-
stead, after removing the agitator
and the agitator shaft "O" ring, slip
the center post off the shaft and
handle the drive train by the shaft.
NOTE: If the "O" ring is to be reused, be
extremely careful not to damage it dur-
ing the removal.
Remove the center post, "O" ring and
agitator once the drive train is back in
The transmission assembly, when re-
moved as described, will have the related
components assembled to it. These
related components should be examined
carefully before reinstalling.
When installing the transmission, it is
necessary that the tub be located on
the tub support a certain way if all the
mounting holes are to be properly
aligned. This should be done before
attempting to mount the tub to the
bearing and seal housing.
To assist in correctly positioning the tub, a
small indentation has been formed on the
tub support just above one of the tub
brace mounting areas. This is the left
front tub brace.
When the tub is in proper position and
ready to be mounted to the tub support,
the large tub cover lock (on the side of
the tub) should be located directly above
the indentation and tub brace.
(See the illustration on page 6-14.)
© 2004 Maytag Services

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