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Transmission Housing Assembly; Oil Seal Replacement; Lower Bearing Assembly - Maytag Performa DLW231 Series Service Manual

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The die-cast aluminum transmission
housing has four studs pressed into its
upper region. The studs provide mount-
ing for the two crank and two cluster
gears. The top cover is threaded into the
lower housing. A sealant is used on the
threads as a gasket material. A steel
drive tube with a splined end is pressed
into the bottom of the transmission hous-
ing. A sleeve bearing is installed in the
lower I. D. of the drive tube. Another
bearing is pressed into the lower housing
above the drive tube. These bearings
provide a path for the drive shaft to ride
in. An oil seal is installed in the bottom of
the drive tube. The oil seal can be re-
placed as a separate part.

Oil Seal Replacement:

The oil seal is located in the spline end of
the drive tube. The seal can be replaced
without removing or disassembling the
transmission, as outlined below:
1. Disconnect the unit from the power
2. Remove the brake assembly to
access the seal.
3. Use a thin, flat bladed screwdriver to
carefully pry the old seal out.
4. Place the drive washer (tool number
14242) and the new seal over
the seal protector.
5. Remove the cone-shaped end from
the seal protector tool and slide the
tool, drive washer, and new seal over
the drive shaft up to the seal cavity.
6. Slide the transmission seal driver
(tool number 14242) over the drive
shaft until it makes contact with the
drive washer. Use the impact sleeve
of the tool to "tap" the seal into the
end of the drive tube.


The lower bearing assembly consists of a
ball type bearing which has been installed
in an aluminum die-cast housing. The
transmission assembly must be removed
from the washer cabinet before the lower
bearing assembly can be replaced.
The lower bearing assembly provides
lateral support for the drive tube and
shaft against the tension of the drive belt.
The top of the suspension housing
is attached to the underside of the lower
bearing assembly.
Because the lower bearing assembly
has been pressed onto the drive tube
under approximately 1,000 pounds of
pressure, a puller must be used to
remove it. However, the puller
forcing screw must not be used on
the end of the drive shaft or the
clutch assembly could be damaged.
Instead, a simple pipe and cap as-
sembly can be made to slip over the
drive shaft, with end clearance, and
rest against the end of the drive tube.
© 2004 Maytag Services

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