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Control Panel - Electrolux EUC25220W User Manual

Electrolux freezer


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4 electrolux
• Make sure that the mains plug is accessi-
ble after the installation of the appliance.
• Connect to potable water supply only.
• Any electrical work required to do the
servicing of the appliance should be car-
ried out by a qualified electrician or com-
petent person.
• This product must be serviced by an au-
thorized Service Centre, and only genu-
ine spare parts must be used.
Environment Protection
This appliance does not contain gasses
which could damage the ozone layer,


Temperature indicators
Action Freeze light
Alarm light
Alarm reset button /
Action Freeze button
Temperature set button
Switching on
Insert the plug into the wall socket.
If the Temperature indicator is not illumina-
ted, press ON/OFF button.
If the temperature inside the appliance is
too warm the Alarm light will flash and the
Alarm buzzer starts.
Press the Alarm reset button to switch off
the Alarm buzzer
4) If a water connection is foreseen.
in either its refrigerant circuit or insula-
tion materials. The appliance shall not
be discarded together with the urban
refuse and rubbish. The insulation foam
contains flammable gases: the appli-
ance shall be disposed according to
the applicable regulations to obtain
from your local authorities. Avoid dam-
aging the cooling unit, especially at the
rear near the heat exchanger. The ma-
terials used on this appliance marked
by the symbol
Switching off
1. Press the ON/OFFbutton for few sec-
2. All Temperature indicators will light up
and then count down in 3 steps.
3. Disconnect the mains plug from the
mains socket to disengage the appli-
ance completely.
Temperature regulation
1. Press the Temperature set button.
The temperature indicator will flash.
2. Select a new temperature by pressing
the Temperature set button repeatedly.
3. The Temperature indicator will stop
flashing after a while.
are recyclable.

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