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Directions For Use; Running-in Recommendations - DUCATI 996SPS Owner's Manual

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Running-in recommendations

Max. rotation speed (fig. 20)
Rotation speed for running-in period and during standard
use (rpm):
1) up to 1000 km - 621 miles;
2) from 1000 to 2500 km - 621 to 1553 miles;
3) after 2500 km - 1553 miles.
Up to 1000 km/621 miles
During the first 1000 km/621 miles, keep an eye on the
revolution meter. The indicator must not exceed:
6500-7000 rpm.
During the first hours of riding, it is advisable to run the
engine at varying load and rpm, though still within
recommended limit.
To this end, roads with plenty of bends and even slightly
hilly areas are ideal for a most efficient running-in of
engine, brakes and suspensions.
For the first 100 km/62 miles, use the brakes gently. Do
not brake violently or keep brake applied for too long.
This will enable a correct break-in of friction material on
brake pads against brake discs.
For all mechanical moving parts of the motorcycle to
adapt to one another and above all not to adversely affect
the life of basic engine parts, it is advisable to avoid harsh
accelerations and not to run the engine at high rpm for
too long, especially uphill.
Furthermore, the drive chain should be inspected
frequently. Lubricate and tighten it as required.
From 1000 to 2500 km/621 to 1553 miles
At this point, you can squeeze some more power out of
your engine, being careful, however, never exceed:
9000 rpm until covering the running-in distance (2500
km/1553 miles). Following these recommendations
strictly, will extend the life of your engine and reduce the
likelihood of overhauls or tune-ups.
fig. 20


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