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Zanussi FA826 User Manual page 25

Front-loading washing machine
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Table of Contents
- Unsatisfactory washing results:
- The machine vibrates when spinning:
- The door does not open::
- Spinning starts late or the machine
does not spin:
- The machine makes an unusual noise:
- No water is visible in the drum:
Possible cause
• Little detergent or an inappropriate one has been
used. An insufficient amount of detergent leaves the
laundry looking grey.
• Stubborn stains have not been treated prior to
• The correct wash programme has not been
• Too much laundry has been placed in the drum.
• The transit bolts and packaging have not been
• The machine is in contact with the wall or furniture.
• The machine is not level and stable (check
• The laundry is not well distributed in the drum.
• There may not be enough laundry in the drum.
• The programme is still running.
• The door lock has not released yet.
• Water in the tub: if there is water in the tub, the door
cannot be opened (
• The electronic off balance detection device has
interrupted the spin because the laundry is not evenly
distributed in the drum. The laundry is redistributed by
reverse rotation of the drum. This may happen
several times before the off balance disappears and
normal spinning can resume. If, after 10 minutes, the
laundry is still not evenly distributed in the drum, the
machine will not spin. In this case, redistribute the
load manually and re-select the spin programme.
• The machine is fitted with a type of motor which
makes an unusual noise compared to other traditional
motors. This new motor ensures a smoother starting
and an even distribution of the laundry in the drum
when the machine is spinning. At the same time it
increases the appliance stability.
• Appliances using modern technology are energy
efficient. They use very little water without affecting
washing results.

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Table of Contents

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