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Moving The Machine; What To Do If - Electrolux FAVORIT 98010 I User Manual

Electrolux dishwasher
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What to do if...

Moving the machine

If you have to move the machine (moving house etc....):
1. Unplug it.
2. Turn the water tap off.
3. Remove the water inlet and discharge hoses.
4. Pull the machine out together with the hoses.
Avoid over tilting the machine during transportation.
What to do if...
The dishwasher will not start or stops during operation.
Certain problems are due to the lack of simple maintenance or oversights, which
can be solved with the help of the indications described in the chart, without calling
out an engineer.
Switch off the dishwasher and carry out the following suggested corrective actions.
Display message and malfunction
• intermitted audible signal
• message OPEN THE TAP in the display
The dishwasher does not fill with water
• intermitted audible signal
• DRAIN BLOCKEDmessage in the display
The dishwasher will not drain
• intermitted audible signal
appears in the display
Anti-flood device is activated
Possible cause and solution
• The water tap is blocked or furred with lime-
Clean the water tap.
• The water tap is turned off.
Turn the water tap on.
• The filter (where present) in the threaded hose
fitting at the water inlet valve is blocked.
Clean the filter in the threaded hose.
• The water inlet hose has not been correctly
laid or it is bent or squashed.
Check the water inlet hose connection.
• The sink spigot is blocked.
Clean out the sink spigot.
• The water drain hose has not been correctly
laid or it is bent or squashed.
Check the water drain hose connection.
• Close the water tap and contact your local
Service Force Centre.



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