Cooking With The Automatic Heating-Up Function - AEG 88100K Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

Ceramic glass induction hob
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Cooking with the Automatic Heating-Up Function

All four cooking zones of the cooking field can be controlled in nine
stages and have an automatic heating-up function:
– 1, Lowest heat setting
– 9, Highest heat setting
– a, Heating-up function.
With the automatic heating-up function (a), the cooking zone oper-
ates for a certain time at full capacity and then automatically switches
back to the heat setting selected for further cooking.
The duration of the automatic heating-up function depends on the
heat setting selected for further cooking.
1. Select the required cooking zone with the cooking zone sensor fields.
The decimal point in the associated display field illuminates.
2. With the + or - sensor fields set the cooking stage 9. Stop briefly and
touch the + sensor field again.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents