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Sending Faxes (Continued)
Transmission Verification Report
says 'Result:NG' or
Poor fax send quality.
Vertical black lines when sending.

Handling Incoming Calls

The machine 'Hears' a voice as a
CNG Tone.
Sending a Fax Call to the machine. If you answered at the machine, press Mono Start and hang up at once. If you
Custom features on a single line.
Menu Setting Difficulties
The machine beeps when you try to
access the Setup Receive menu.
Copying Difficulties
Cannot make a copy
There is probably temporary noise or static on the line. Try sending the fax again.
If you send a PC FAX message and get 'Result:NG' on the Transmission
Verification Report, your machine may be out of memory. If the problem continues,
ask the telephone company to check your phone line.
If you often get transmission errors due to possible interference on the phone line,
try changing the menu setting of Compatibility to Basic. (See Phone line
interference on page 90.)
If you connect your machine to PBX or ISDN, set the menu setting of Phone Line
Type to your phone type. (See Setting the Phone Line Type on page 34.)
Try changing your resolution to Fine or S.Fine. Make a copy to check your
machine's scanner operation. If the copy quality is not good, clean the scanner.
(See Cleaning the scanner on page 94.)
If the copy you made shows the same problem, clean the scanner. (See Cleaning
the scanner on page 94.)
If Fax Detect is set to on, your machine is more sensitive to sounds. It may
mistakenly interpret certain voices or music on the line as a fax machine calling
and respond with fax receiving tones. Deactivate the machine by pressing
Stop/Exit. Try avoiding this problem by turning Fax Detect to off. (See Fax Detect
on page 32.)
answered on an external or extension phone, press your Fax Receive Code
(default setting is l 5 1). When your machine answers, hang up.
If you have Call Waiting, an alarm system or any other custom feature on a single
phone line with your machine, it may create a problem sending or receiving faxes.
For example: If you subscribe to Call Waiting or some other custom service and
its signal comes through the line while your machine is sending or receiving a fax,
the signal can temporarily interrupt or disrupt the faxes. Brother's ECM feature
should help overcome this problem. This condition is related to the telephone
system industry and is common to all devices that send and receive information
on a single, shared line with custom features. If avoiding a slight interruption is
crucial to your business, a separate phone line with no custom features is
If the Fax
key is not illuminated, press it to turn on Fax mode. The Setup
Receive setting is available only when the machine is in Fax mode.
Make sure that the Copy
page 48.)
key is illuminated. (See Entering Copy mode on



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