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Disposal; Description Of Appliance; Key Features Of Your Appliance - Electrolux TY58 Installation And Operation Instruction Manual

Teppan yaki grill plate
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Disposal of packaging material
All parts of the packaging can be fully recycled;
foil and expanded polyurethane parts are appro-
priately identified. Please dispose of packaging
material and, if appropriate, your old appliance
Please follow the national and regional regulations
and material identification (material separation,
refuse collection, waste disposal sites).

Description of appliance

Key features of your appliance

The highly conducting grill plate is 10 mm thick. It
consists of twin-layer stainless steel and therefore
has a good thermal capacity. This prevents a rapid
decrease in temperature, e.g. when preparing
meat from the refrigerator.
The channeld edge fulfils three important func-
– It reduces the temperature at the installation
surfaces so much that the grill plate can be fit-
ted in various kitchen working surfaces.
– The curvature of the channel absorbs the
expansion of the heated grill plate to keep it
– Minor food remnants and liquids can easily be
fed to the channel and removed.
Information on disposal
The appliance must not be disposed of with
household rubbish.
Information about collection dates or public refuse
disposal sites can be obtained from your local
refuse department or council.
Warning! Before disposing of old appliances make
them inoperable. Remove power cable.
The thermostat with readable temperature setting
ensures a constant temperature. This prevents
overheating of the food and permits low-fat cook-
ing with retention of nutritional value.
The food is prepared (heated) directly on the grill
plate with or without fat. It is also possible, how-
ever, to cook with pots.
The heating time, e.g. to 180 °C, is approx.
6–7 minutes.
The cooling time, e.g. from 180 °C to 100 °C, is
approx. 45 minutes, or to 60 °C approx.
60 minutes.


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