Operating Instructions; Safety - Electrolux TY58 Installation And Operation Instruction Manual

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The safety of this appliance complies with accepted
technical standards and the Appliance Safety Law.
As manufacturers, however, we also believe it is our
responsibility to familiarise you with the following
safety instructions.
Electrical safety
The installation and connection of the new appli-
ance must only be carried out by qualified person-
Repairs to the appliance must only be carried out
by approved service engineers. Repairs carried
out by unqualified persons may cause injury or
serious malfunction. If your appliance needs
repairing, please contact your local customer cen-
tre or your dealer.
Please follow these instructions, otherwise
the warranty is void in the event of damage.
Flush-mounted appliances may only be operated
following installation in suitable installation cabi-
nets and working surfaces which conform with the
relevant standards. This ensures sufficient protec-
tion against contact for electrical units as required
by the safety provisions.
If your appliance malfunctions or if fractures,
cracks or splits appear:
– switch off all heating zones,
– disconnect or remove the fuse for the grill
Child safety
The heating zones become hot when you cook and
grill. Therefore, always keep young children away
from the appliance. This also applies after switching
off until the temperature of the grill plate has cooled
Note: A child cooker protector can be fitted to protect
small children. Information can be obtained from the
Bfu (advisory office for accident prevention), Berne,
tel. 031/390 22 22.
Safety during use
This appliance may only be used for normal cook-
ing, frying and grilling of food in the home.
Do not use the grill to heat the room.
Take care when plugging electric appliances into
mains sockets near the unit. Connecting leads
must not come into contact with the hot grill plate.
Overheated fat and oil catch fire quickly. If food is
flambéed, the cooking process should be super-
Switch off the grill plate every time after use.
Special information for the grill
Do not place any objects which can be magnetised
on the grill plate while in operation.
Noises may occur during operation by
expansion of the grill plate. These are not
faults in the unit and the function is not
impaired in any way.
Safety when cleaning
The unit must be switched off and cooled below
90 °C before cleaning.
For safety reasons it is not permitted to clean the
unit with a steam jet or high-pressure cleaner.
How to avoid damage to the
Do not use cast iron pans or pans with a rough,
burred or damaged base. Scratching may occur if
the pans are slid across the surface.
Keep all items and materials that can melt away
from the grill plate, e.g. plastics, aluminium foil or
oven foils. If something of this nature should melt
onto the grill plate, it must be removed immedi-
ately with a metal spatula.


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