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Electrolux SZBAZ CL Installation Instructions page 4

Oven shelf runner
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Inserting the grid, tray, and universal tray
Inserting the tray and universal tray:
The trays have a little bulge on the left
and ride sides. These are provided as
positoining guides and must always be
located towards the rear of the tray.
Inserting the grid:
Set the grid at the desired shelf position.
To make it easier to insert a tray at a different shelf position, set the tray in
the rails at the desired position, push in as far as it will go, then let it down.
Warning: Only use the shelf supplied when using the telescopic shelf run-
ners. shelf runners.
Information regarding pyrolytic cleaning:
Warning: The telescopic shelf runners must be removed before pyrolyt-
ic cleaning is carried out.
Cleaning the Telescopic Shelf Runners
The telescopic shelf runners cannot be cleaned in the dishwasher.
In most cases, warm water with washing-up liquid and a soft sponge are
sufficient to clean the oven accessories. If very dirty, soak off dirt in warm
water and washing-up liquid before removing with a soft sponge.
Warning: Do not use any aggressive or scouring cleaning agents, spray
oven cleaners, steel soap pads or hard objects such as knives or
sharp-edged scrapers. These will damage the oven coating.
Warning: Do not, under any circumstance, remove the grease from the tele-
scopic shelf runner rails.