Troubleshooting - Electrolux FN30LP/NG Use & Care Manual

30 stainless steel outdoor grill with electronic ignition
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General Trouble Shooting
You should inspect the burners at least once a year or immediately if any of the following conditions occur:
The smell of gas in conjunction with the burner flames appearing yellow.
The Grill does not reach temperature.
The burners make a popping noise.
The Grill heats unevenly.
Before calling customer service
If the Grill does not function properly, use the following checklist.
Grill will not light when the ignitor button is pushed.
Low heat with knob in "High" position.
Trouble Shooting
After opening tank valve, be sure one of the
Grill control knobs is on high for at least 4
seconds while pushing ignitor button.
Check tank fuel level.
Check for loose wire connections.
Remove the cooking grates and flavor grids.
Push ignitor button, and check for spark on tip
of electrode.
Check to see if debris is blocking the
electrode sparks.
Check battery/replace battery.
Attempt to match light the burner.
If using L.P. gas, disconnect gas line at tank,
then reconnect.
Check for proper gas supply and pressure.
If using L.P. gas check for low fuel level.
If using L.P. gas check for kinks in supply line.
If only one burner appears low, clear burner
ports of any obstructions.
Pre-heat Grill for a full 10 minutes.
If using L.P. gas, disconnect gas line at tank,
then reconnect.


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents