Lighting The Grill - Electrolux FN30LP/NG Use & Care Manual

30 stainless steel outdoor grill with electronic ignition
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Before Lighting
Warning: Important! Before Lighting...
Check the gas supply line for cuts, wear or abrasion.
Always keep your face and body as far away from the
grill as possible when lighting.
Grill Burner Lighting
Lighting the Grill with electronic ignitor
Always open the lid before attempting lighting.
Push and turn one of the control knobs counter clock-
wise to the "HIGH" position and immediately press
the electronic ignitor button. You'll hear a snapping
sound. It may be necessary to hold the electronic
starter button for about 4 seconds. If the burner does
not light in 4 seconds, turn the knob to OFF and wait
5 minutes before trying again. Repeat above steps to
light remaining burners. (See Fig. 25)
Match Lighting
If by chance the electronic ignitor does not light the
burner, the burner may be lit with a match. Keep
your face as far away from the Grill surface as
possible and pass a lit, long stem match through the
spaces in the Grill rack to the ports of the back
crossover burner between the flavor grids. Position
the match near the burner ports and push and turn the
control knob counter clockwise to the "HIGH"
position. (See Fig. 26)
Note: If the grill will not light after
several attempts see the Trouble-
shooting section of this manual.
Turn the control knobs to the OFF
position when not in use.

Lighting the Grill

Do not attempt to
"Light" the grill if the
odor of gas is present!!
Fig. 25
Fig. 26


Table of Contents

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