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Setting Electronically - Electrolux FAVORIT 35010 I User Manual

Electrolux dishwasher favorit
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1. Open the dishwasher door.
2. Remove the lower basket from the
3. Turn the water hardness dial to posi-
tion 1 or 2 (see table).
4. Replace the lower basket.

Setting electronically

The dishwasher is factory set at level 5.
1. The dishwasher must be switched off.
Keep the START/RESET button pressed and turn the programme knob clock-
wise until the programme marker corresponds with the first washing pro-
2. Release the START/RESET button , the On/Off and START/RESET indicator
lights start to flash indicating that you have activated the water softener
setting function.
3. At the same time, the end of programme indicator light starts to flash.
The current level is indicated by the number of flashes of end of programme
indicator light and a pause of about 3 seconds.
5 flashes, pause, 5 flashes, pause, etc... = level 5
6 flashes, pause, 6 flashes, pause, etc... = level 6
4. To change the level, press the START/RESET button . Each time the button is
pressed the level changes.
if the current level is 5, by pressing START/RESET button once, level 6 is
if the current level is 10, by pressing START/RESET button once, level 1 is
5. To memorize the operation, switch off the dishwasher by returning the pro-
gramme knob to the Off position.
Set the water softener


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